Monday, April 16, 2012

The Siege of Attakin Hive.

This past Saturday i organized an Apocalypse game of 7500 points per side, though we had no actual background for the day (just an excuse to play a really big game!). I've created my own account that suits the fluff of my army.

The forces in their actuality were.  Space Wolves, Tallarn Imperial Guard, Pilgrims of Rust.  vs.   Necrons, CSM/Tyranids, and Dark Eldar.

Amaranth let forth a mighty call "FORWARD! YOU WHELPS !"  as the Trio of Super Heavy Tanks smashed through the outer defenses of the Hive City. He watched as well aimed fire from Paladin Squads further into the city scythed down droves of weakling human troopers around him. The Secessionist commanders rallied their forces and made ready to engage the Paladin's sizeable horde of Servitor and Mutant spawn,along with their deadly quick Dark Eldar allies. 

The cacophony of the emplaced weapons were music to Amaranth as he butchered through yet another swarm of tiny, servitor driven, drones. As the main line of troopers under his command obliterated the forces charging across the central plaza, reinforcements from the Paladin's arrived in the midst of the armor and infantry coming in on the right flank.  Just then, enemy artillery blanketed the central plaza in thick smoke, obscuring the vision of the main line, and a tide of small mutants slaughtered their way into the midst of a nearby Heavy Bolter Crew. "Excellent" thought Amaranth, "At least there shall be SOME good fighting to be had here". 

 Just as he strangled the life out of the last of the small mutants Amaranth turned to see the large Servitor tower explode in a shower of fire and metal, the men of Cyrus responsible for its expert destruction. As he gazed at the devastation he watched the cavalry charge into the crater made by the tank of for the riders to be cut to pieces by ghastly looking servitors carrying massive power glaives. 

 He could taste victory now, its sweetness saturating his pallet. The plaza was clear, but the cursed Eldar were still proving stubborn to dislodge from the position they had wrested from the center of the gunline. The Armored Column was making progress toward the Paladin's by the refinery deeper into the city. Only a few more hours... he smiled to himself... and this hive shall be mine...

As he thought this, the enemy launched an attack on the convoy by way of teleporting terminators. Damnable fools!  he thought, cursing his luck as the convoy turned to face this newest threat.  His hopes of a quick victory snatched by this turn of events, Amaranth ordered his men to repel the closest enemy and entrench for the night. The siege shall continue...

Outcome:  Draw

1 to 1    (literally ALL other objectives heavily contested)

it was a great game and i hope to have another in the near future. I hope my narrative wasn't too hard to follow. Mutants=nids,  Servitors=necrons .   If you were wondering what i was talking about!

Tommorow i hope to post up a V&S&F battle report. stay tuned !

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Very cool! Looks like a fun game - just ran across your blog and have enjoyed reading through your archives. Keep up the great work!

    1. It was indeed sir! Welcome to my humble corner of the internet, i hope to entertain you in the future !


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