Friday, December 30, 2011

Harlequins Finished and some 15mm stuff

Hey guys, i finished the Harlequins and the Shadowseer (minus 1 Retro Death Jester, who i'll get to probably after the seer council)  so heres the pics

So there you have them, in all their cool, jester-assasin glory !

Also, i talked about "The Christmas War" last post, and i've been preping for it today, as i broke out some old Heroscape tiles and repurposed them for usage as a quick and easy way to make 15mm hills, (though i guess you could use it for any scale). I have bigger plans than just a badlands outpost, and i am hoping to add a forest soon, and a small town.  For now, here's what i've got

Overview of the Compound, and the path leading up to it.

Close up of the walls, some Rebel mini's  PDF, which will be the Laurentian Troops. and a Mechwarrior gunship, which has been pressed into service for the Laurentian Military, shown for a bit of scale.

A Trooper, patrols the pass.

Thats all my updates for right now.  Im still mulling over exactly what craftworld i'll be doing, Im choosing between, Yme-Loc, Alatioc, and Biel-Tan.   I have decided to incorporate, Corsairs, Exodites, and a few Harlequin themed guys.  Loose fluff, is the Farseer, sees some grave threat (probably the Pilgrims) and gets as many military forces together as he can to stop them. Its for that reason i think Yme-Loc would be cool, as they are described as mostly artisans and therefore might not have as big a military presense as Biel-Tan or Alatioc; so they might use corsairs and the like to bolster them ? 

What do you guys think about the stuff today. I always enjoy constructive critisism.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Harlequins and A random gimp creation

Hey guys. So i've decided that the rival army for my Chaos is going to be Eldar !  I've had these Harlequins laying around forever so i decided to paint them up. I've got a few more to go, but i figured you could use an update so here you go.  Also, i have a seer council, which begs the question what Craftworld should i do ?   OR  would you like to see either 1.) Eldar Corsairs  or 2.) A Harlequin themed army?  Let me know in the comments.

so theres the four i have finished right now. Still have another troupe member and the Troupe Leader to finish.

lastly, i was bored today, so i made this in Gimp, for the "Christmas War" campaign made by Chris at Dropship Horizon, which myself and Radioactive. Are going to play out for your enjoyment, in the next few weeks or so.

-another bit of news, if you live in my area. The owner of Gaming Underground in High Point, has said that he is more than willing to allow us to play up there, and will even start ordering anything wargaming you like. I'd love to help support another gaming store.   (Thanks to Radioactive for this one)

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Marks for Codex: Pilgrims of Rust

Marks of Chaos

Mark of Chaos Undivided: +1 to Ld value

Mark of Khorne: Unit Gains “Preferred Enemy” but no secessionist troops will ever move within 6’’ of them. (this does not include, deep strike mishaps, and forces deployed at the beginning of the game or coming in from reserve.) As they are disgusted by the shear savageness of the men.

Mark of Nurgle: The unit may choose to re-roll failed armor saves, however if they do, then they will lose D6 members of the squad (chosen by owner) as Nurgle’s Rot consumes them in exchange for sparing the others.

Mark of Slannesh: The Unit must spend the first turn “preparing”, as such they will do nothing this turn (unless they are pinned or forced to retreat). The following turns they will count as Fearless.

Mark of Tzeentch: The Unit becomes horribly mutated, Roll a D6 at the beginning of the game, on a 1-2 the unit goes feral, they now count as “beasts”, lose their ranged weapons but gain +1 Attack and Weapon Skill, on a 3-4 the unit becomes partially non-corporal, they gain a +1 to their cover saves and gain Move through Cover, on a 5-6 the unit will lose D6 members chosen by the owner but, the unit leader(s) will gain the ability to use psychic powers, selected from the Army Powers list.

this is what i came up with. what do you guys think ?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Working on: Codex Pilgrims of Rust

hey, so i was working a little on the army special rules for the Pilgrims and this is what i made.

Ideological Divide (Chaos/Secessionist)- The human pilgrims are split into two broad categories representing weather they worship the Chaos Gods or not. Units with (Chaos/Secessionist)  are allowed to pick which they fall into prior to the games commencement. Units with (Chaos) may select marks of chaos from “Codex: Chaos Space Marines” with the price cost listed on the unit entry. If a unit is a secessionist, then they have access to their planetary special equipment, listed in the entry.

Separate Command Structures- Hrud Independent Characters cannot join human units or Mechanicus units. Nor likewise, can a human Independent character join a Hrud unit. The Mechanicus and Human forces are more closely linked and therefore may join one another’s units.

any thoughts for additional rules, and how do you like these ?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"

I've been busy working with my Thespian Troupe at school on "The Crucible", which if you are unaware is about the Salem Witch Trials. Anyway, for the past 2 months or so, i've been really busy memorizing lines and going to practice etc... The shows were this weekend and it went very very well, I really got to bond with my theatre friends and it was a great experience.  That said, the holiday season is coming, and that means a break from school, and therefore a boon to hobby. Which (lucky you) means you get to come on here more often and read my rantings.

I look forward to getting into the hobby projects again, and getting some sleep (FINALLY !)

-Cheers Guys/Gals !

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tanksgiving and the Jacobites.

Alright, so i've finally gotten time to post up these pics. First up is Tanksgiving (which was a while ago) but anyway, it was an Imperial v. Ork matchup  pics below.  The CEO from Army Transport was there and actually participated in the game. He showed off a new product and gave away a new bag for a contest.

 This ork Stompa is made completely of metal and has been welded together.

Now, the Jacboites. and the Free Greater Daemon which needs completion.

Now these pics also reveal the hidden rival army. Can anyone guess who ?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Checking In

So, im really crowded with school, play rehearsal, and an approaching SAT.

This dosen't mean that i've not been modelling.

However, i do not have time right now to post ALL of the pics i've accumulated over the past few weeks.


-Tanksgiving  (at which was the CEO of Army Transports, showing off the Mk2. Bags)
-The big reveal of my 6th ed. project, and the Rival army of Rust and the Knights
-Pics of the finished Jacobite Platoon minus basing
-A free greater daemon i picked up, that im trying to refurbish for usage in the service of the dark gods.
-A sorcerer, that i got for the Knights. Who is already well painted and converted. so his backstory is coming. along with shots
-Possible entries for the Pilgrims Minidex
-Redux Background for the Knights of Decay.

so, thats all ready. Just i need the time to drop this motherload of hobby goodness. on the blog here.

So, i need sleep now, as im quite tired.

enjoy wondering what the rival army is. and anything else i've purposfully left mysterious.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Background Redux. Changes in ALL sections.

The Pilgrims of Rust.

            The Pilgrims of Rust is the common name for the forces commanded by Antilo Rust. The Pilgrims of Rust’s core units hail from a planet known as Rall. Its snowy forested conditions made for hearty and well bred infantrymen for the Imperium of Man. Until  one of its chief military leaders, Rust, turned from the Imperium and seized power of the entire planet and later after a series of small scale invasions, the entire system. The various forces that comprise The Pilgrims are listed below.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Battle Report: Scythiak Usurption v. Pilgrims of Rust.

I got to play a game against Jim from Sons of Taurus the otherday. It was great to finally see him up at the hobbytown, since he usually goes on tues. and myself on sat.

Anyway, we decided we'd try and play a game for the "fluff league" and got out our 1000 point traitor armies.  We rolled up a Spearhead/Sieze Ground.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day.

I have gotten a plethora of things done, but rather than show them off. Im going to devote this post to the REAL veterans.

Thanks Guys and Gals !

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mk1. Prototype Arachna-walker (with modifications). +Orcs

Hey, all, i've finally gotten time to post up pics for you're viewing pleasure.

For the base, i was going for ruined manufactorum.

I have no idea why these are so tiny...

So despite random tiny pictures, what are your thoughts on the Dark Mech wierdness? 

and don't forget to check out my fellow tech-savant Chris.  at Sippin' on Paint Water

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Necrons Rise. (and how that affects LATD)

Well, it seems the Necrons have gotten their much anticipated update. I'll be the first one to admit, that these models are Flipping Awesome!  In addition to a complete fluff overhaul, they've gotten more new mini's than i care to count right now.

Head on over to the GW site to check em' out.

Basically, i won't (no matter how much i want too) start a necron army. I will however be plundering these wonderfully smexy kits for all their glorious, soon to be Dark Ad Mech, bits.

Imagine the possiblities.

Sometimes it pays to be a demented worshipper of Dark Gods. and todays one of them ! 
Im pretty excited for it honestly, more than a GW release has gotten me in a while, (maybe the close lips policy was a good thing ?) 

Whats your thoughts on the Tomb Kings in Spess ?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Flare in the Darkness!

****Transmission Begins****

I felt it neccessary to make up this short post, in between fighting successive waves of crazed blood cultists in the underhives...  

Lifes been mucking up my hobbying of late, but fear not, for i have a long weekend !  (the flare)

As a bit of an update, i have gotten a block of 37 Orc Choppa Boyz done, the Boar Mounted Warboss, and i've recieved my copy of 5150: Star Army.   Pics of these will hopefully be up sometime late Saturday evening.

Please know that, i've been wanting to get some pics and material up for you.

Next Waves coming...

Cheers !

****Transmission Ends****

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Siege of the Hellstrurg Gate.

Owen and myself, upon learning of the modelling competition this sat.
Planned to play a game at my house, for the "fluff league" We set up the terrian to represent an imperial village, defended by Traitors. Owen would be playing his Soul Drinkers, which he's starting up, in place of his Black Templars, (so the St. Lusica background will be reworked).  We rolled up a Spearhead/Annhilation game, with owen on the first turn.

Major Harish's Defenders: 750 points
Command Squad w/ missile launcher

Templars w/ MoK, 3 flamers
-Kobold: 35

Platoon Command
Combined Squad, 5 power sword, commisar, vox, 4 grenade launchers
 Hvy Bolters

The Defenders of Hellsturg Gate

Soul Drinkers Advance Strike Force

Librarian Fadey w/ terminator armor
5 man terminator sqauad

Dreadnaught w/ lascannon and flamer

Combat Squad: Sgt, Flamer,

Combatt Squad: Rocket Launcher

Terrian Set-up "Pre Game"

Soul Drinkers Deployment

Traitors Deployment

First Turn kicks off, with the rocket demi-squad climbing into the building in their deployment zone, the rhino taking a cautious approach around  the same building, and the heavy elements walking off down behind their side of town's cover.  The Traitor weapons teams move up to get a better view of the main street, and get to work chewing up the demi-squad in the building.

Second turn comes up, and the demi squad and bolter crews continue their fire fight, and the rhino drives across the street to be met with grenade fire, from the 40 man squad. The termies and dread continue their pondorus advance behind the town. The Kobold, drives from behind cover, out into the street.

Turn three and four brings a turn in the game, with my kobold exploding, killing 3 templars. They dig themselves out of the rubble and move to the ruins the termies are in and achieve nothing but annoying the veteran marines, they are swiftly murdered. The rhino begins moving down the street, it is popped by the command squads missle, the explosion kills 3 of the marines inside, the remainder are charged by the combined squad and killed to a man. The troops in the building lose their missle to a heavy bolter round.

Turn 5 see's the survivng elements of the Soul Drinkers assailed by massed firepower. In which the lose the dred.

Fadey, watched as the venerable brother Ulis fell to the chaos forces missle team. His comm-link to the rest of the strike force was blank and he feared the worst. Before him a tide of chaos troopers rushed at them. With a scream of defiance Fadey and his brother terminators charged headlong into the enemy.

- Cold and Fast, Soul Drinkers !

Last confirmed transmission from Librarian Fadey.

League Record

Pilgrims of Rust: 1-0  
Soul Drinkers : 0-1

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carnage and Splinters in New Jamestown

The other day i got in that exciting game on Nuclear Renissance with Chris'  Denim Delinquints. Chris'  (to be named gang of Spec Ops Mercs). and Owen's  Post Apocalyptic LARP'ers

We decided to start at the four cardnal directions. The terrian laid out to be a semi-thriving post apocalyptic settlement.  The majority of the Terrian is made by Chris from Sippin on Paint Water

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fine Eats in Post Apocalyptia

First Encounter between the  Denim Delinquents and the Cultists of Contamination.

yesterday at hobbytown, after a far too drawn out fantasy game, i got the oppertunity to rev up the Chapel and go for a ride out into the wastes.   I had written up a fancy short story re-count of what happened, but, what with me not having pictures and this only having been a practice game i decided against sitting down and typing out such a thing.

Anyway, me and Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water slapped down some terrian and went for broke, fighting over food markers which we had to loot from the buildings placed around the table. The game kicked off with the Delinquents moving top end towards the Cultists, who went for a more cautious approach by drivng beind some sizeable rocks.  Major Disruption kicks off the hostilities by unloading a burst of assault rifle fire into the air. Hawkeye Haliburton runs into a nearby building and takes a long shot at Inquisitor Scaythe, who was standing on top of the chapel screaming orders. The shot bounces off the Inquisitors Ballistics shield and he takes 2 shock tokens.  Scaythe then tries a shotgun blast at Wildman Wilson, only for the shot to fall short.  Mouse disembarks from the Truck Amok to attempt a charge at the Chapel, only to fall short around 2 cm.   It was around this time that Wildman Wilson noticed that the rock in front of him looked rather like a ramp and so he opted to drive over it and attempt to hit scaythe in the head while jumping over the chapel !   However, he falls just short of the aptitude score we set and lands squarely on the roof, and right next to a very startled Scaythe.  The two are launched into close combat, and scaythe is able to get in a sqaure knock to the jaw landing Wilson a shock point. But this did little as the following turn Scaythe put a shotgun shell into the gas tank of Wilsons motorcycle, causing him to fall from the roof of the truck and become quite incapacitated.  Mouse finally launches his assault on the chapel, only to find out hurting vehicles is really hard. Haliburton sends another shot at Scaythe, but isn't able to accomplish much more than a single shock token. The Cult starts to disembark from the Chapel, As this occurs Major Disruption places a well aimed burst of rifle fire into the chest of a warrior acolyte sending him to the ground. The cleric, immediately hops out to help but rolls just short to heal him. Heavy Fire from the Chapel and Scaythe knock out moose. Both the truck amok and the chapel gun their engines and proceed to run over the 2 or 3 guys in front of them. The truck-amok flattens one of the warrior acolytes, but the Cleric is able to dive out of the way. The Chapel scores no kills as mouse immitates some of his favorite horror flick heros and does a combat roll, out of the way.

It was around this time we had to pack up. I was quite impressed with just how easy it is to come to grips with the rules (assuming we were doing it right) as we ended up being able to play 3 or 4 turns fairly quickly considering we've never done it before.  I throughly enjoyed the game, and am looking forward to my next encounter with the Denim Delinquents

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cultists of Contamination !

Here is my "unpainted" Nuclear Renissance crazies. Tinkering a little with the list still, but this is what i've got right now.

Cultists of Contamination

Inquisitor Scaythe: 160 points

Abilities: Bard and Extra Life “Hero”

“Scaythe is the charismatic leader of the Cultists, and as such he is known to bellow his fierce sermons of radioactive love to his congregation in the heat of a fire fight. He’s also immensely lucky, and quite often he’ll be saved by a round to a metal devotional item rather than his chest cavity”

Weapons: Shotgun “Fire”, Ballistics Shield “Brimstone”

Cleric Acydic: 95 points

Abilities: Medic “Specialist”

“The Ministrations of Acydic are always less than delicate, and often times an unfortunate individual will find himself with unplanned “blessings” such as sickening mutations brought on by high levels of exposure to blessed radioactive rocks that double as scalpels”

Weapons: Pistol, Knife

Driver “Redwash”: 85 points

Abilities: Driver “Driver”

“Redwash came upon his rather odd nickname, when he developed the habit of covering the drivers cab of “The Chapel” with the blood of people he’s run over….”

Weapons: Pistol

The Paladin: 48 points

Abilities: Towering Leviathan, Fully Armored  “Soldier”

“The Paladin is the chief of the warrior acolytes in the field and leads them in vicious slaughter from the thick of combat. He also, tends to steal random armor plates while no ones looking to add to his already impressive Panoply”

Weapons: Sword and Shield

Warrior Acolyte: 20 points

Abilities: “goon”

Weapon: Crowbar

Warrior Acolyte: 15 points

Abilities: “goon”

Weapon: Sword

Warrior Acolyte: 15 points

Abilities: “goon”

Weapon: Sword

The Chapel: 215 points

Vehicle Type:  “Truck”

Number of Seats: 7

Armored Seats:  2 out of the 7

Mounted Weapons:  Heavy Machine Gun (90 degree),

Defense: Reinforced Armor

Group Shot

Inquisitor Scaythe.

Cleric Acydic

 The Paladin.


Warrior Acolyte, w/ crowbar.  leading a small dog with a rabbit tied to a stick

Warrior Acolyte w/ sword

Warrior Acolyte w/ Sword   holding a sign post,  his back has a keg, which will soon be leaking radioactive sludge

The chapel, without its weapons,  Working on the exact weapon layout, and upgrades. the weapons are going to be magnatized

The Cult, rolling out of the junkyard with their new gear and truck.