Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fine Eats in Post Apocalyptia

First Encounter between the  Denim Delinquents and the Cultists of Contamination.

yesterday at hobbytown, after a far too drawn out fantasy game, i got the oppertunity to rev up the Chapel and go for a ride out into the wastes.   I had written up a fancy short story re-count of what happened, but, what with me not having pictures and this only having been a practice game i decided against sitting down and typing out such a thing.

Anyway, me and Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water slapped down some terrian and went for broke, fighting over food markers which we had to loot from the buildings placed around the table. The game kicked off with the Delinquents moving top end towards the Cultists, who went for a more cautious approach by drivng beind some sizeable rocks.  Major Disruption kicks off the hostilities by unloading a burst of assault rifle fire into the air. Hawkeye Haliburton runs into a nearby building and takes a long shot at Inquisitor Scaythe, who was standing on top of the chapel screaming orders. The shot bounces off the Inquisitors Ballistics shield and he takes 2 shock tokens.  Scaythe then tries a shotgun blast at Wildman Wilson, only for the shot to fall short.  Mouse disembarks from the Truck Amok to attempt a charge at the Chapel, only to fall short around 2 cm.   It was around this time that Wildman Wilson noticed that the rock in front of him looked rather like a ramp and so he opted to drive over it and attempt to hit scaythe in the head while jumping over the chapel !   However, he falls just short of the aptitude score we set and lands squarely on the roof, and right next to a very startled Scaythe.  The two are launched into close combat, and scaythe is able to get in a sqaure knock to the jaw landing Wilson a shock point. But this did little as the following turn Scaythe put a shotgun shell into the gas tank of Wilsons motorcycle, causing him to fall from the roof of the truck and become quite incapacitated.  Mouse finally launches his assault on the chapel, only to find out hurting vehicles is really hard. Haliburton sends another shot at Scaythe, but isn't able to accomplish much more than a single shock token. The Cult starts to disembark from the Chapel, As this occurs Major Disruption places a well aimed burst of rifle fire into the chest of a warrior acolyte sending him to the ground. The cleric, immediately hops out to help but rolls just short to heal him. Heavy Fire from the Chapel and Scaythe knock out moose. Both the truck amok and the chapel gun their engines and proceed to run over the 2 or 3 guys in front of them. The truck-amok flattens one of the warrior acolytes, but the Cleric is able to dive out of the way. The Chapel scores no kills as mouse immitates some of his favorite horror flick heros and does a combat roll, out of the way.

It was around this time we had to pack up. I was quite impressed with just how easy it is to come to grips with the rules (assuming we were doing it right) as we ended up being able to play 3 or 4 turns fairly quickly considering we've never done it before.  I throughly enjoyed the game, and am looking forward to my next encounter with the Denim Delinquents


  1. We shall have a rematch as soon as I am done removing the the buckshot and gravel from my casualties.

  2. Sounds awesome! I really wish I could make it out for Saturdays. I've enjoyed seeing both gangs develop, glad they got a clash in!


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