Friday, October 28, 2011

The Necrons Rise. (and how that affects LATD)

Well, it seems the Necrons have gotten their much anticipated update. I'll be the first one to admit, that these models are Flipping Awesome!  In addition to a complete fluff overhaul, they've gotten more new mini's than i care to count right now.

Head on over to the GW site to check em' out.

Basically, i won't (no matter how much i want too) start a necron army. I will however be plundering these wonderfully smexy kits for all their glorious, soon to be Dark Ad Mech, bits.

Imagine the possiblities.

Sometimes it pays to be a demented worshipper of Dark Gods. and todays one of them ! 
Im pretty excited for it honestly, more than a GW release has gotten me in a while, (maybe the close lips policy was a good thing ?) 

Whats your thoughts on the Tomb Kings in Spess ?


  1. They are awesome looking minis, think of all the robot spines you can add to stuff. I think we should do some kind of collaborative project towards the Dark Mechanicus. What do you say? Need another adept in your techno-laboratory?

  2. Always room at the workbench!

    how we plan on doing it?

    I guess first we need a codex lol.

    Also, you might find these cool.

  3. I love those Iron Brotherhood, that's exactly what I imagine Skitarii look like.


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