Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Flare in the Darkness!

****Transmission Begins****

I felt it neccessary to make up this short post, in between fighting successive waves of crazed blood cultists in the underhives...  

Lifes been mucking up my hobbying of late, but fear not, for i have a long weekend !  (the flare)

As a bit of an update, i have gotten a block of 37 Orc Choppa Boyz done, the Boar Mounted Warboss, and i've recieved my copy of 5150: Star Army.   Pics of these will hopefully be up sometime late Saturday evening.

Please know that, i've been wanting to get some pics and material up for you.

Next Waves coming...

Cheers !

****Transmission Ends****


  1. Fantasy Orcs too? Oh my. Are you using the new boar rider kit, and if so how is it?

  2. I actually have the 6th ed starter Orc Army, and a box of Orc warriors, all told i've sunk probably 50$ into all of it. However, i was looking at picking up a box of the new boar riders to accompany my general, since they look awesome.


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