Friday, October 7, 2011

Because its Friday, and i haz news !

1Tommorow, im planning on getting in my first bat rep for the Blog ! 
Nuclear Renissance, with Chris and.... Chris....   looking forward to it guys.

Also, my birthday was thursday, so i now have money for more plastic crack.
In addition i have gotten 5150 Star Army, which is a 15mm ruleset, and can be used for 25-28 mm aswell. Its by 2 hour wargames for those interested. 

It allows for the ability to create your own units, and can cater to engagement levels from 4-5 man skirmishes all the way to titanic battles with thousands on each side and mechs.

Though i do it all the time, i'll mention ONCE MORE, that its a 10-15 dollar investment to get into :D
(it makes me smile every time)

Will be featuring some cool creations for my 15mm Army " The Eisenhorn Conclave"  soon.

Looking forward to tommorow. Cheers !

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