Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cultists of Contamination !

Here is my "unpainted" Nuclear Renissance crazies. Tinkering a little with the list still, but this is what i've got right now.

Cultists of Contamination

Inquisitor Scaythe: 160 points

Abilities: Bard and Extra Life “Hero”

“Scaythe is the charismatic leader of the Cultists, and as such he is known to bellow his fierce sermons of radioactive love to his congregation in the heat of a fire fight. He’s also immensely lucky, and quite often he’ll be saved by a round to a metal devotional item rather than his chest cavity”

Weapons: Shotgun “Fire”, Ballistics Shield “Brimstone”

Cleric Acydic: 95 points

Abilities: Medic “Specialist”

“The Ministrations of Acydic are always less than delicate, and often times an unfortunate individual will find himself with unplanned “blessings” such as sickening mutations brought on by high levels of exposure to blessed radioactive rocks that double as scalpels”

Weapons: Pistol, Knife

Driver “Redwash”: 85 points

Abilities: Driver “Driver”

“Redwash came upon his rather odd nickname, when he developed the habit of covering the drivers cab of “The Chapel” with the blood of people he’s run over….”

Weapons: Pistol

The Paladin: 48 points

Abilities: Towering Leviathan, Fully Armored  “Soldier”

“The Paladin is the chief of the warrior acolytes in the field and leads them in vicious slaughter from the thick of combat. He also, tends to steal random armor plates while no ones looking to add to his already impressive Panoply”

Weapons: Sword and Shield

Warrior Acolyte: 20 points

Abilities: “goon”

Weapon: Crowbar

Warrior Acolyte: 15 points

Abilities: “goon”

Weapon: Sword

Warrior Acolyte: 15 points

Abilities: “goon”

Weapon: Sword

The Chapel: 215 points

Vehicle Type:  “Truck”

Number of Seats: 7

Armored Seats:  2 out of the 7

Mounted Weapons:  Heavy Machine Gun (90 degree),

Defense: Reinforced Armor

Group Shot

Inquisitor Scaythe.

Cleric Acydic

 The Paladin.


Warrior Acolyte, w/ crowbar.  leading a small dog with a rabbit tied to a stick

Warrior Acolyte w/ sword

Warrior Acolyte w/ Sword   holding a sign post,  his back has a keg, which will soon be leaking radioactive sludge

The chapel, without its weapons,  Working on the exact weapon layout, and upgrades. the weapons are going to be magnatized

The Cult, rolling out of the junkyard with their new gear and truck.


  1. These are awesome! We must battle for the future of the wastes!


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