Monday, September 12, 2011

House Rules. The Campaign Goes on.

House Rules

Hero’s Without Equal: If a hero is removed as a casualty, there is a chance that he may not really be gone, after the battle roll a D6 for each of the characters removed, if the result is a 4+ the character will be fine and remain to fight again. If not then he will be gone and lose anything he might have gained.

Overall Commanders: Each armies Overall Commander, is never considered “dead” at the end of a battle as might other hero’s, and will never have to roll for weather they are alive or not.

Battle Honors: If a hero does something of note (ex. Takes down a unit with 1 wound left) he will earn a battle honor, this can be a statistics upgrade, a special piece of wargear, or a USR, to be decided by the players.

The Tide of Horror: Daemons do not have to follow the “Daemonic Assault” special rule if they do not wish, this represents the daemonic army coming forth from the warp portal. If they choose not to, they deploy as normal for the mission.

Recover the Relics: If the Emperors Champion  is slain on the battlefield, he will immediately become an objective, unless the game is Kill Points.

The Ground Shall Shake: In order to finally eliminate a player from the campaign. You must challenge them to an apocalypse game. This game can be no less than 3000 points and must include either 1 superheavy or formation. This can only be done if you control at minimum 75% of the territory they controlled at the beginning of the Campaign.

Tank Crews: If a vehicle is immobilized with no weapons, you may have the crew of the vehicle disembark, roll a D3, you will receive that many troopers that have the statistics of the weakest troop type in your army. Ie. Conscripts, Neophytes, If the vehicle is destroyed the crew will also get out, however you will roll a D3-D3 to represent the casualties taken by the vehicles passing.

Taking Territory: A target area is selected, on the campaign map that is touching your territory. Depending on the amount of territory you want, the points size will increase or decrease. Defending player places majority of the terrain. A mission will be decided upon and played. The winner takes the amount of territory decided upon, or holds their ground.  Geographic locations take 2 battles to win, no matter the size of these battles, as it is assumed the commanders will devote heavy resources to holding such vital areas.

what do you guys think ?


  1. Battle Honors sound fun. Sound like the Awesome Tokens the Overlords proposed for their games.

    Tide of Horror - Hmm, kind of disrupts the whole flow of Daemons. But could work. Maybe instead if the daemons are the defenders, they divide and choose waves as normal, but the first wave is deployed per the mission, with the other half arriving via reserves as normal? If attacking pop out as normal per the daemons book.

    Recover the Relics - I like it. Maybe add a traitor counterpart, like the army HQ is worth a bonus KP in KP missions, to represent the importance of leadership in sustaining the traitors.

    The Ground Shall Shake - any downside for the challenger if they lose? Maybe the nearly-defeated player immediately gets a little territory back from their great victory?

    Tank Crews - for small scale games this could work, but I think it would be overcomplicated for "regular" or larger games. Makes vehicles even more annoying contesting objectives. Do crew from Troops unit transports count as scoring? Do disembarked crew count as an extra KP? Personally I'd do without this for games of any significant size.

    Taking territory - it might be possible to find a suitably sized hex grid or something and superimpose it over the map, making determining areas a little easier. For sites that give advantages and take two battles to win, perhaps with one victory for the attacker the defender no longer gets the bonus until they "reset" the site by wiping out the enemy victory.

  2. It's good to see someone putting some thought and work into gaming. Narratives and special rules for scenarios and campaigns is something the hobby has been lacking lately.

    Sorry about not making it out Saturday but I'm still interested in that trade.

  3. I like it, this looks like it's gonna be a good campaign.


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