Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Building St. Lusica

last Sat. i had a few bucks and decided to finally give "Plasticard" a try, since apparenlty it can be used for everything. I was skeptical at first, but when i finally started using it Sun.... Oh its terrian and converter heaven !  Anyway, i built one building the other day, using some platic mesh, and Warhammer fantasy movement trays as the base. Its not totally completed, i still have little details to add. Overall its going to be part of a large manufactorum, that will be modular and seperate into small buildings like this one.

As for comments on the Campaign Spec. Rules. 

I agree with virtually everything Jim mentioned as they were all thoughts/concerns that has crossed my head while writing them. I will prob. post a "revisited" version sometime soon.

@ Chris,  Its alright its not like i HAD TO HAVE Them on sat. lol, and i know, and it makes me sad narrative is why i love the game.

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