Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preping for St. Lusica. (Armored Division)

I recently-rediscovered a site called Ramshackle Games not only do they have a great selection of ragged post-apoc character minis, they also have a wide array of vehicles and random bits. Within the next 2 weeks, i am planning to have accuired a further 2 chimera's for the army, along with several more Plauge Marine elements, and some chaos hounds, possibly a rhino (we shall see).

I aim to make the "Gremlin", "Mammoth" and "Kobold" all out of ramshackle kits, for those who are not familiar with these vehicles.
( i take no credit for these stats)

Kobold Armored Transport (35pts)

A catch-all for a variety of lightly armored transports converted from civilian haulers or military supply trucks, often as a field expedient. (Size notes: Ork Trukk kits would be a good basis for conversions, there are also many great examples and tutorials online)

Fast, Open Topped, Transport,
It’s not built to do that

Passenger Capacity: 15

AV 10/10/10

BS: same BS as majority of purchasing unit

Mammoth Armored Heavy Transport (70pts)

Converted from heavy haulers, mining transports and the like the Mammoth enables Chaos forces to move large groups of troops at once. (Size notes: Ork Battlewagons would make a good basis for conversions)

Open Topped, Transport,
It’s not built to do that

Passenger Capacity: 30

AV 12/11/10

BS: same BS as majority of purchasing unit

(Fast Attack) Gremlin Attack Vehicle (25pts each)

Light vehicles converted to be fast support weapon platforms. (Size notes: Ork Warbuggies or Space Marine Attack Bikes would be a good size to shoot for)

Unit size 1-3

Fast, Open Topped, Scouts, It’s not built to do that

AV 10/10/10

BS: 3



  1. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    A bit too polished for what you're building here perhaps, but Old Crow looks like they've got some good vehicles too.

  2. Darn it Aaron, you shouldn't put the link at the top of the article, I just spent a half hour looking at that website and forgot to read your article.

  3. @Jim, Those would be pretty slick for either IG from a like advanced Tech world, or as Cheap Elysian alts. Quite nice.

    @Chris, lol, its pretty cool, their ruleset is free, and its pretty cool. Not bad for some fun ideas.


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