Friday, September 23, 2011

The Dark Mechanicus. (revisiting and re-tooling).

so i was wondering the intra webz last night, and upon these travels i came across a series of fabulous Converted Armies, that i wanted to share with everyone !

Dark Mechanicus


Diesel Punk

Lovecraftian Nids

Also these links are given at the bottom to the bottom of the Inquisiton Page.

Anyway, the Dark Ad Mech really inspired me, so im going to start working on them, reworking them and making them crazier and more insane than they already were.

But in more exciting news (for me anyway)   

My birthday is coming on the 6th, and i thought i'd be cool to play an Apoc. Game anyone interested ?


  1. I don't know what I will be doing on the sixth but I would love to participate.


    That's the company with the Big Daddy suits it's under the 28mm pulp figures made by Lead Bones. I just placed a big order with them for a bunch of Ramshackle Games product, they had it on sale and after working out the conversion rate and factoring international shipping it was a lot cheaper to get it through Recreational Conflict. I should have the order by Saturday and you can see what all i got and if you are interested in any of it.

  3. sweet, putting the finishing touches on my vehicle and ironing out my list. The gangers them selfs are done and look awesometastic :D

    thanks for the link
    and i'd love to get some stuff yeah


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