Monday, September 5, 2011

Lost and the Damned Army List. Ready for the Campiegn !

Defenders of St. Luscia’s Gate.

Pilgrims of Rust, utilizing “Lost and the Damned” unofficial codex

Major. Hesh (Traitor Officer) : 45

-Missle Launcher

Templars of Rust: 165

-3 Flamers, Icon of Khorne

-Kobold : 35

Rouge Psyker: 60

2 psykers

St. Lucian Militia (Rabble): 130

Mammoth Transport: 70

Rallen 14th Infantry Platoon

 Lt. Corvis (Platoon Commander): 42

Combined Infantry: 310

-5 Power Swords, 4 Grenade Launchers, Vox,

Autocannon Team: 75

Heavy Bolters: 75

Mortar Squad: 60

Leman Russ: 165


Leman Russ: 165


Vendetta: 130

Veterans: 115

“demolitions”, 3 flamers

Total: 1507

St. Lusica is our Snowy Hive world, where the Black templars lead by Owen will be smashing into our carefully prepared defenses. The Campiegn i am expecting to kick off in the next couple months, which means that the battle reports area will finally see some action.  He still has to get some infantry units so i will sound the cry for cheap space marines. In the mean time i shall go forth to making terrian in horryifying abundance !

The list is avaliable on Sons of Taurus

here is the link to the PDF, if your just flat out lazy and don't want to see Jim's awesome blog.


  1. Awesome! I look forward to reading the reports and hearing your thoughts here or in person/via email on what works/what doesn't. I'm honored that you'd like to use the codex for the campaign and that Owen would agree to it!

    No commissar/enforcer for the blob?

  2. ah, its no problem. And i actually forgot to write him on here but he's pointed for exsistance. so yes commisar. Will be working on a camp. book detailing the world, battle lines,the intrests of the three armies in the campiegn, and the Special Characters, and units i am allowing in (more on that later). As well as everyones personal army background.


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