Monday, August 29, 2011

15mm Army Background.

I'd Really like to get some people playing 15mm up at the store, OWEN failed me (only slightly) by changing from this to Steampunk, so not terrible. YAY !  anyway, here is the army background for my 15mm army.

Eisenhorn Conclave

                The Eisenhorn Conclave, was originally a political group founded by Professor Thaddeus Eisenhorn, in the Outer rim colonies. Its message was one of humanity ascendant, and as more began to fall under the Conclaves sway, it started taking more radical ideology. Several months after the boon of membership started, a string of terror attacks on key Human and Alien political buildings took place, radical Conclave members taking full responsibility. Peacekeepers from several local races were deployed to maintain order, including human military forces. The colonists took this as a sign of oppression and immediately overran the Terran operations centers on their respective planets, stealing as much weaponry as possible and murdering the “traitors” they found there. Armed with military grade equipment, the Conclave assaulted alien strongpoints across the system. After “liberation day” or the day which the last alien fortress was destroyed, the Conclave issued a proclamation of formal succession to the earth government. This greatly angered many other human colonies, who very much cherished their homeworld and could not understand why anyone would try and abandon it.

                Using the technology they captured from the alien forces during the Liberation war, the Conclave brought the fight to each of the alien races which dared oppose them. Many of these conflicts are still in full swing, the conclave using captured Alien troops as fodder. It has proven tremendously effective on many battlefields to utilize many races as many are better adapted to certain climates and tactical situations than others. It is for this very reason that the Conclave fleet contains several large slave vessels, to provide a wide tactical selection for Conclave High Officers.

                Life on a conclave occupied planet for a human can be varied. Conclave members often enjoy a life of exquisite luxury, while others are often downtrodden and poor, aliens on these worlds are even worse off. If they are not in one of the many concentration camps, being tortured and brainwashed for future military actions, they are in hiding from any of the dozens of interior security organizations responsible for hunting them out.

                Relations with several close by human colonies has begun to degenerate as of late, and the Conclave’s Planets are in full preparation for yet another protracted and brutal war. If it cannot be outmaneuvered by the alien “auxiliaries”, obliterated by massed tank fire, it will be ground into oblivion through the attrition of hundreds of grim faced Conclave soldiers.

This is where i stopped, let me know if you want to spend the 10-15 $ for start-up into 15mm, we can maybe get a game on !

-Cheers, Aaron

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