Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tau Colony

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates recently guys. 
Basically i've been planning out a campiegn with Owen (Tau) and his dad (Daemons)

main idea is that it will tak place on a Tau colony world toward the outskirts of the Thrid Sphere
Since GW has made it impossible for me to simply buy Tau terrian. I decided i'd go ahead and make some today.

Below is 1st the pictures just after spray painting. and after is with details added. All told it prob. only took about 30 minutes for everything. i think they look effective for a bunch of garbage i found.

The two dome topped towers will be bastions or normal intact buildings, the large gun toting one is a bastion with a quad gun. and the landing pad is (obviously) a landing pad.

I have the ability to easily create the towers in MASSIVE abundance. but i am going to leave further construction for the colony to Owen, though i am highly tempted to make a Tau indomitable fortress.

I think its also worth mentioning that they are very tall as i always pictured Tau buildings would be.

More on the Campiegn soon.


  1. Those look pretty good, another excellent piece for making Tau terrain is plastic peanut jars. They have an interesting shape with tapered necks and wide mouths.

  2. Not bad for something that did not take very long. I'm going take my time and make em' look pretty awesome. But first I would like to finish up my army.

  3. @Chris, thats cool i didn't think about peanut jars. My next thing with Terrian will probably be a modular building, think 3D space hulk

    @Owen, understandable. You need to make a Tau fortress lol


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