Saturday, August 20, 2011

15mm Earth Defence Force Platoon, and sketches.

So, the other day i decided to take initative of some time and i cleaned my desk. Then i remember i never showed you my 5150 troops. So here is the infantry platoon.

Overall shot, the platoon cost me 10 dollars (I LOVE LOVE LOVE 15mm because of that)

Fireteam "Crimson" are the anti-armor team

Fireteam "Bone" basic rifleman squad

Lt Vars' Command Team

Fireteam "Hellfire" has the platoon flamethrower (last man on the right)
Recon Squad "Ghost", is the platoon sniper team and forward observation team. (they also suffer the most from my cameras hate of paintjobs)

Size comparison.

*in this space aaron curses his camera for being the bane of his painting exsistence

Next i thought maybe you'd be interested in seeing some drawings i've done.

some experimental drawings for a Webcomic i might put up here

A Faire sitting on the branch of a tree.

Well thats all the random junk i have to post for now.


+++Transmission Ends+++

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  1. Pro, does want web-comic. Your old one was awesome.


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