Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mechanified Infantry for the Queen !

a Steampunk Update-

I finished a unit of "mechanified infantry" today after school.

They are "boiler knights" as i think it fits them well.

The unit name is the 1st Queens Royal Mechanified Lancers or the "Metal Dragoons"

So there they are, fresh from the factory floor, and ready to put the fear of England into any enemy.

as a side note, i'm experimenting on my camera, is the image better ?


  1. You need some pith helmeted, red coated, stiff upper lipped, mustachioed gentlemen to fight alongside them.

  2. i have a team of Napoleonics line infantry which will be sharpshooters. but no Pith helmets...YET !
    maybe i'll write a batrep of our steampunk game last sat. if you'd fancy it ?

  3. Cool, are those some Heroscape things? I like the metal, and good job on those Union Jacks.

  4. yeah, they are the Heroscape Deathwalkers, i recently accuired another from owen. along with 2 Zettian guard, which will become chaosified or maybe steampunked not sure yet. Also, thanks.


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