Saturday, December 24, 2011

Working on: Codex Pilgrims of Rust

hey, so i was working a little on the army special rules for the Pilgrims and this is what i made.

Ideological Divide (Chaos/Secessionist)- The human pilgrims are split into two broad categories representing weather they worship the Chaos Gods or not. Units with (Chaos/Secessionist)  are allowed to pick which they fall into prior to the games commencement. Units with (Chaos) may select marks of chaos from “Codex: Chaos Space Marines” with the price cost listed on the unit entry. If a unit is a secessionist, then they have access to their planetary special equipment, listed in the entry.

Separate Command Structures- Hrud Independent Characters cannot join human units or Mechanicus units. Nor likewise, can a human Independent character join a Hrud unit. The Mechanicus and Human forces are more closely linked and therefore may join one another’s units.

any thoughts for additional rules, and how do you like these ?


  1. Sounds like a good start, defining the broad outlines and how they interact.

    Can chaos and secessionist characters join each other's units?

  2. You might want to make your own Marks of Chaos table and points costs. Toughness five on a Chaos marine is far more valuable than toughness four on a guardsman. An invulnerable save for guardsmen seems out of place, maybe something more like a re-roll for their armor save to represent the protection of Tzeentch. That's just an idea though, making your own table gives you the freedom to customize it and make it fit with the Pilgrims background better.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for your comments.

    @sonsoftaurus, im thinking no, that they would sort of abhor the other and keep to their own.

    @Chris, i totally agree working now.


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