Thursday, December 29, 2011

Harlequins and A random gimp creation

Hey guys. So i've decided that the rival army for my Chaos is going to be Eldar !  I've had these Harlequins laying around forever so i decided to paint them up. I've got a few more to go, but i figured you could use an update so here you go.  Also, i have a seer council, which begs the question what Craftworld should i do ?   OR  would you like to see either 1.) Eldar Corsairs  or 2.) A Harlequin themed army?  Let me know in the comments.

so theres the four i have finished right now. Still have another troupe member and the Troupe Leader to finish.

lastly, i was bored today, so i made this in Gimp, for the "Christmas War" campaign made by Chris at Dropship Horizon, which myself and Radioactive. Are going to play out for your enjoyment, in the next few weeks or so.

-another bit of news, if you live in my area. The owner of Gaming Underground in High Point, has said that he is more than willing to allow us to play up there, and will even start ordering anything wargaming you like. I'd love to help support another gaming store.   (Thanks to Radioactive for this one)


  1. The Harliequin looks good. I am partial to Alaitoc but from the reviews of the new Corsair list in IA:11, the Corsairs sound cool.

    Is Gaming Underground on North Main at DJ's last location?


  2. Hmm, why choose? Have the Harlies, maybe some other harlie themed thing like a harlie-patterned fire prism or something, some corsairs like for jetbikes or storm guardians, and a craftworld for the rest? As for what craftworld, go with what colors and what type of army you like best - reds and tanks/bikes - Saim Hann, green/white and aspect warriors, Biel-tan, etc.

  3. Those harlequins are super cool. I imagine their purple jackets make crinkle sounds.

  4. @Killgore. Thanks, Yeah i was reading about them the other day. I'll have to look at them, they are supposedly very good. Yeah, its the old DJ's location

    @Sonsoftaurus. Good point ! I'll work Exodites in for good measure lol.

    @Chris. You Bet they do !


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