Monday, December 26, 2011

The Marks for Codex: Pilgrims of Rust

Marks of Chaos

Mark of Chaos Undivided: +1 to Ld value

Mark of Khorne: Unit Gains “Preferred Enemy” but no secessionist troops will ever move within 6’’ of them. (this does not include, deep strike mishaps, and forces deployed at the beginning of the game or coming in from reserve.) As they are disgusted by the shear savageness of the men.

Mark of Nurgle: The unit may choose to re-roll failed armor saves, however if they do, then they will lose D6 members of the squad (chosen by owner) as Nurgle’s Rot consumes them in exchange for sparing the others.

Mark of Slannesh: The Unit must spend the first turn “preparing”, as such they will do nothing this turn (unless they are pinned or forced to retreat). The following turns they will count as Fearless.

Mark of Tzeentch: The Unit becomes horribly mutated, Roll a D6 at the beginning of the game, on a 1-2 the unit goes feral, they now count as “beasts”, lose their ranged weapons but gain +1 Attack and Weapon Skill, on a 3-4 the unit becomes partially non-corporal, they gain a +1 to their cover saves and gain Move through Cover, on a 5-6 the unit will lose D6 members chosen by the owner but, the unit leader(s) will gain the ability to use psychic powers, selected from the Army Powers list.

this is what i came up with. what do you guys think ?


  1. Undivided - OK.

    Khorne - Good.

    Nurgle - Hmm. Either they'll have good armor or it will be some very specific situations when this will be worthwhile. Maybe something like instead of protection, they lose d6 members of the squad to spread Rot to a nearby enemy unit?

    Slaanesh - Sounds good. May want to clarify how it works if they don't start the game on the table.

    Tzeentch - Neat, but I think this might be kind of a pain to keep track of on the tabletop. Maybe just go with the psyker bit, with a table for what power they randomly get?

  2. I really like the Nurgle spreading plauge thing. The slanneshi thing i'll get right on, probably like "first turn on the table". As for Tzeentch i want to try playtesting it first, just to see how it goes. I see where your coming from though and it was a concern of mine, i figured it was fairly close to like DE combat drugs or pain tokens in terms of tracking.


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