Friday, December 30, 2011

Harlequins Finished and some 15mm stuff

Hey guys, i finished the Harlequins and the Shadowseer (minus 1 Retro Death Jester, who i'll get to probably after the seer council)  so heres the pics

So there you have them, in all their cool, jester-assasin glory !

Also, i talked about "The Christmas War" last post, and i've been preping for it today, as i broke out some old Heroscape tiles and repurposed them for usage as a quick and easy way to make 15mm hills, (though i guess you could use it for any scale). I have bigger plans than just a badlands outpost, and i am hoping to add a forest soon, and a small town.  For now, here's what i've got

Overview of the Compound, and the path leading up to it.

Close up of the walls, some Rebel mini's  PDF, which will be the Laurentian Troops. and a Mechwarrior gunship, which has been pressed into service for the Laurentian Military, shown for a bit of scale.

A Trooper, patrols the pass.

Thats all my updates for right now.  Im still mulling over exactly what craftworld i'll be doing, Im choosing between, Yme-Loc, Alatioc, and Biel-Tan.   I have decided to incorporate, Corsairs, Exodites, and a few Harlequin themed guys.  Loose fluff, is the Farseer, sees some grave threat (probably the Pilgrims) and gets as many military forces together as he can to stop them. Its for that reason i think Yme-Loc would be cool, as they are described as mostly artisans and therefore might not have as big a military presense as Biel-Tan or Alatioc; so they might use corsairs and the like to bolster them ? 

What do you guys think about the stuff today. I always enjoy constructive critisism.


  1. I like the sword on the first guy, neat looking effect.

    You could also make up your own Craftworld, maybe one that travels a lot among the different Exodite worlds, their travels also making them tight with the Corsairs who use them for a refuge. The Harlies interact with them as they go "on tour" through the various eldar communities visted by the CW, hitting groups normally cut off from the webway.

  2. I like Yme-Loc as a Craftworld, but I have no idea as to how one should pronounce it, maybe: I-AM-LOCK, does that seem right?

  3. @sonsoftaurus, thanks and im getting an idea of what my craftworld will be now *laughs elfishly

    @Chris, yeah it does lol


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