Sunday, November 13, 2011

Battle Report: Scythiak Usurption v. Pilgrims of Rust.

I got to play a game against Jim from Sons of Taurus the otherday. It was great to finally see him up at the hobbytown, since he usually goes on tues. and myself on sat.

Anyway, we decided we'd try and play a game for the "fluff league" and got out our 1000 point traitor armies.  We rolled up a Spearhead/Sieze Ground.

I took:
Company Command:  w/ Master of Ord,  Regimental Standard, vox, medic.
40 man Rallen Infantry, 5 power weps, Commisar, 2 grenade launchers, 2 flamers, vox.
mortars, autocannons, and heavy bolters
Penal Legion*Jacobite Rebels* (Knife Fighters)
Russ' with lascannon

Jim took:
Primaris Psyker
2 platoons, of twenty men, with 2 flamers per command team, 2 grenade launchers, and 2 meltaguns for the infantry, lascannons and mortars
a Rough Rider Squadron
2 Sentinels with Missle Launchers
Leman Russ Demolisher

The table, before and after deployment.  Alot of new terrian, that the store purchased from another gamer, and this isn't even all of it. It is very nice, and it's refreshing to finally fight over buildings rather than non-descript rocky canyon. We decided the objectives would be placed in the tallest buildings and in the hub of the Trench networks.

 Scythiak forces move up on the left flank, and pressure into the Jacobites, which infiltrated onto the objective.

a view of the Scythiak trenches, first turn shooting saw off the lascannon team stationed here.

Later on in the game, Khonan (marbo) , arrives and throws a demolition charge into the heavy bolters killing two of the teams. The remaining score a wound on him for revenge.

A view from the advancing Scythiak towards my lines, this is just prior to their first assault on the Jacobites position.

The Scythiak begin to overrun the objective.

Khonan, moves to plant a melta bomb on the russ, the resulting explosion destroys the main turret. The Platoon Command, and heavy bolter attempt to kill him, and are eventually successful,but not before losing some members of the command team.

The Rough Riders, sweep into the objective, killing most of the Jacobites, save for their leader Ashok, who stubbornly holds on a while longer. and is killed  only after taking three riders with him. The Squad prior to this killed an enemy sentinel with their rending, so they get a Unit Citation from me!

The Rallen Infantry sweep through the buildings to reclaim the fallen objective, and pull down the riders that come to slow them down. By this point, i realized i commited these men too late into the fight to make a signifigant difference. 

Jim and Myself clearly had similar ideas, and went for the only uncontested objective with anything avaliable to us. Unfortuantely for me, mine was a group of half destroyed squads and a wounded tank, to the Scythiak's Infantry squads.

The Rallen Infantry swarm into the building and recover the jacobites wounded.

However, massed flamers, and small arms take a vicious toll on the infantry.
Who are then assaulted; the champions sell their lives in defiance, refusing to retreat, but only taking a few enemy cultist with them, and wounding the Primaris Psyker.

Enemy cultists have taken the outpost for the second time.

The other assault to take the objective away from the enemy, ends in a similar manner, the wounded teams gunned down in the street before making any real difference.  Close Range, and Off-board artillery, hammers the Scythiak lines in an attempt to force the enemy to retreat from the objective. They are almost successful, but the platoon command team, there is able to hunker down and weather the storm.  The game ends of Turn 7, with the russ' dueling on main street.  

"We pulled out of that town, a few hours later, bitterly we knew that we had been beaten this day. Many good men had died to the Infidel Scythiak.  But many more waited in orbit still, and this would not be the last time, battle raged in that city. -Enforcer Tamp - Rallen Line Infantry, Platoon 4,

                           Pilgrims of Rust:  1-1

                           Scythiak Usurption:  1-0

All-in-All a fun game. Great to see Jim again, make sure you check out the battle report from his view at the link above. I was able to get a large array of things from the store yesterday, as their was an abundance of "wheeling and dealing" going on. I'll share that with you all a bit later.


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  1. Ah, glad you got a version up, good to see pics from different angles. I think my favorite is the one of the Pilgrims swarming the horsemen.

    The Jacobites certainly did do well!


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