Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Historical Re-fight: The Squat Homeworlds

So i was bored this past Friday and decided that i should use all these nids and squats, and terrain at my disposal to do something cool.

I wanted to represent the last brotherhood stronghold to fall on the homeworlds, so i set up the terrain to be a suitably imposing fortress with a gorgeous field of fire in front for gaunts to be horribly massacred on.

Roughly 1000 points a side.

Dark Angels representing the squats

The Tyranids spend much of the first turns taking hails of bolter and lascannon fire from the walls. Killing a few gaunts on turn 1.

With the Tyranids getting dangerously close to the walls, a few bikers led by a Chaplain, sally forth from the main gate, in conjunction with The forces in the land raider. take a brutal toll on the bugs, killing the tyrant and virtually wiping out both broods of gaunts. 

The bikers are dragged down by a few gaunts and the carnifex. I threw in another batch of gaunts for fun.

The Ymgarl arrive, and the Nids spring into 3 simultaneous assaults. With the Carnifex charging the raider, the stealers pouncing on one unit of wall defenders, and the crippled gaunt brood scaling the walls to attack the other squad of wall defenders.

The Interrogator Chaplain and his retinue, massacre the support gaunts and the carnifex and turn to help the wall units. 

The Squats enter their command bunker, which is now slick with gore, and the final showdown of the game commences with the retinue and Ymgarl engaging in fierce melee.  

 A melee which after several rounds of hard fought combat sees the Squats back in command of the walls. 

-The Homeworlds Hold-

I had so much fun doing this re-fight, send me a battle you'd like to see refought and if ive got the stuff i'll definately try !

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Nice. The way it should have gone!

  2. Very cool! Looks like it was a really fun game - good stuff!


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