Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Skies Shall Burn!

Well its spring break and i've had 3 straight days (so far) of nothing but wargaming!
This past friday, Owen and JD came over to my place for some gaming.  JD being one of our friends from school that was interested in learning about wargaming as a hobby. I can safely say we will be seeing much more of him in future battle reports!

I played and orchestrated a couple games to teach JD about 40k.  The one i actually fought in is below.

Owen and JD both gathered a 500 point force in a Tyranid/CSM alliance against my 1000 points of Pilgrims.
I deployed on the temple of skulls outside of town, as the mechanized CSM rode forward on my left flank, the nids swarmed through the town into my center.  Fortunately massed amounted of Battle Cannon, Mortar and las fire saw off the bulk of these troops. The game ends early on turn 4, as there was barely anything left of the alliance forces. It was a right and proper massacre as i lost only a crew member of a heavy bolter. while broods of gaunts were slain and rhnios obliterated.

-This Saturday, i went to hobbytown and got in a "mini-pocalypse" in prep for next weekends full Apoc game.  2500 point team game of CSM v. Necrons

Pitched Battle/Capture and Control

The necrons deployed in a vast line all around their objective, clearly hoping to destroy as many of our transports as they could before we could get out and assault them.

Our hope was to drive a rhino/land raider convoy into the enemies flank, supporting it with artillery from Vindicators and a Defiler, then use 3 Daemon Princes as a Devastating counter assault unit.

Pics of Deployment

The Convoy guns forward, toward the enemies flank troops. Fire from the Barges destroys a vindicator and takes a brutal toll on our princes.

Over the next few turns, several lack luster turns of shooting on our part, and the vast profusion of annoying scarabs, take their toll on the convoy. The monolith arrives on our half of the board and the battle escalates, Kharn and the squads inside the convoy along with freshly arrived terminators turn the tide and ravage the flank, killing virtually everything in sight. By the time the battle here dies down Necron reinforcements arrive from the other side of the board to try and wrestle control of our objective. We are able to mount a staunch defense and start to beat them back.

In the end our last gambit for victory (a deep striking terminator squad) is cut down by massed infantry fire just short of the Necron Objective.  and the game ends in a Draw.

A shot of the battle field on turn 6  (the rule book is the burning wreckage of my land raider, b/c we needed a flat place to park a rhino on top of, without breaking my tank)

-Today, i mostly played my own games and wrote some lists and chilled out. ~ Happy Easter btw!

On the painting front. I finished some "Hammers of Ornus" bikers for Landon.  Here they are below.

I'll be working on Pilgrims of Rust again (FINALLY!)  this week, and then probably start on those Vampire Counts Chris gave me for a price i have yet to be told.  Then!  I'll cap off everything next Saturday with a giant game of 40k. until my next post !

-Your Favorite Madman-

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  1. The price shall remain unknown to you for as long as I will it so...


    On a gaming note I haven't thrown dice in about a month so I'm itching to play something at some point.


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