Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Attakin Offensive. Part 1

The Inceptius system, is currently in the domain of the Renegade warband known as "The Paladins of Decadence" and their Lost and the Damned thralls. Rust and his command staff along with Amaranth and the forces from the Knights of Decay, have opted for a full scale invasion of the system rather than deviating into poorly charted sectors of space. Their plan is for brutal total war tactics focusing on the obliteration of civilian sectors to demoralize the Lost and Damned, minimizing the effectiveness of the Paladin's resistance. 

Owen came over Thursday and we played an 1850 game.  
"Paladins of Decadence" (CSM)  vs.   "Pilgrims of Rust" (IG) - Led by Rust himself.

We used a mission from 4th ed. that was basically seize ground, with fantasy deployment. Which was interesting so i'll probably be using them again in the future. 

A view of the city, just after deployment. Pilgrims on the right, Paladins on the left. 

The first turn kicks off with decent shooting from the Pilgrims, wounding one daemon prince. 
The Paladins gun their rhino's forward and pop smoke. The DP's attempt to run forward into the Pilgrims right flank. 

The Jacobite and Rallen Infantry swarm forward to meet the enemy head on, the Rallen charge kills one Daemon Prince (the one i promised to show you but was horribly maimed before i got a chance)   The Jacobite charge meets with an enemy rhino which is swarmed and destroyed. 

The next turn Paladin forces move reinforcements to the areas where the infantry charges hit home and multiple multi-unit melees break out on both flanks. 

The combats claim the bulk of the infantry, but thanks to 5 Power Swords and a Priest the enemy waves are seen off, severely hampering the Paladin's chances of victory here. 

Corporal Hendol, the Standard Bearer for 2nd Company 1st Platoon of the Rallen infantry takes down the enemy daemon prince in single combat. Instantly earning the respect of the Regiment, he is promoted to the rank of Lt. 

Additional Pilgrims arrive to bolster the advance, as both flanks mop up surviving enemy troops, the tank duel which had been occuring on main street between the Russ' and the enemy Predator finally ends with the last surviving Russ wrecking the opposing tank. 

Pilgrims of Rust are Victorious ! 

0 to 1 objectives. 

-Coming Soon Part 2 The Siege of Attakin Hive, (An apocalypse game)-

-Your favorite madman-


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