Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beauty, the beast, and their midget friends. -But is it worth it ?

First off, let me apologize to jim for the game. Secondly, i wanted to get this blog back to my main army which is my Lost and Damned. Future additions will for sure include:  Slaneeshi Cultists, (bret. men-at-arms)  which will either be a starndard platoon or veterans.

Possible additions and the reasoning behind it: Beastmen units (penal Legion) and Chaos Squats.

Both Dwarf and Beastmen products at hobbytown are now all half off until they are sold out. This represents the rather uniqe oppertunity of getting GW models for less that the cost of a small mansion!
As i rather enjoy the idea of picking up a box of Gors or Ungors for 10 $  it definately appeals to me.
The two big boxes of Dwarf Warriors also appeals to me, but that is more of a ground where i am questioning if its logical to buy another codex and build an army around. GW price reports to not measure great things of the future, so my thought being should i simply buy PP product and trade for the mini's i want in IG?

You decide.

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  1. Nothing to apologize for.

    You always find out about all the good deals. No one tells me anything (sniff). Not that I should be buying more stuff anyways.


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