Saturday, July 30, 2011

Updates and Such

After a daring midnight raid followed by a tense shootout, i was able to liberate some dwarves and the dark angels book, for the twisted dungeon that is the Sippin on Paint Water compound.  After spending some time regaining my sanity i also got some space marine bikers from Jim Bowen at hobbytown. So now i've got a fledgling dwarven army. It really makes me tear up thinking about it :)  lol. Anyway, tommorow, if i don't spend time with my girlfriend then i will finish the Squat bikers and the Squat-Not for pics. Btw how do we like "squat-not" im 50-50 on it i think we could do something cooler. so NAME CONTEST !  Also, i will start painting and flocking (much more important) the living tree army. Which shouldn't honestly take that long. And in closing major props to Chris'  AWESOME alien hunters which he is starting. Possible Pics tommorow, we shall see if mother nature decides otherwise.

-Cheers, Aaron

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