Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Vengence of the Treefather, and other things

Well as usual i sat at my desk and invoked all my insanity in another feverish bout of converting madness. After the smoke and sprue clipings were clear stood 2 Tyrant Gaurd and the Treefather(tyrant)

The Tyrant himself is constructed from sprue, clay, a patent Jim Barr Living Tree kit. and glue
The two golems are made from Heroscape lava golem minis an sprue
In additon isn't that rose bush pretty :)

The first vessel of the mighty ork warfleet.
the green cap was just there while the glue dried it is now gone don't worry

I rather like this idea more than that of the DE raiders so i think i'll probably build the vehicles using random bits like this. As it seems only appropriate, This will be a Trukk i think, though the size is easily battlewagon worth and it DOES have a deff rolla (smiles evily)

Probably gonna put a grot in the crows nest there.

in conclusion of the orky portion of our post i dub this ship the ORK-O-WAAAAGH

Now i've been thinking about doing a little mini-dex for some of the Living world stuff so i wanted to present the following profile and ask what you thought.

Stone Golem

Ws-  5
Bs- 2
S- 7
T- 7

Special Rules:

Monsterous Creature
Reclaim- unit can approach any intact structure and take it down to a ruined building, by doing this it gains an additional wound,  If this creature rolls a "wrecked" or "explodes" result on a vehicle it will gain +1 wound. You can never increase the total wounds past 10.
Rockslide- The Golem does not normally have a ranged type weapon, however it may spend 1 wound to fire a weapon with the following profile. (note this cannot be used if the golem has only 1 wound remaining)
Range- 18''
Str- 9
Ap- 3
Ord. Lg. Blast

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  1. I'll try to remember to dig around in my Ogre stuff; I think there are some Gnoblars in crows nests.


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