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Impcommander Scenario and Campiegn : The Tide of Death

Due to Viral Contagen, the Taint of Chaos, a Mysterious Artifact etc. The populous of the planet your forces have been placed in for down-time, has turned into a ravenous horde of bloodthirsy corpses and terrors. In a horrofying night of bloodshed the tide overran your base and now you and the survivors must escape the planet.

Survivors Rules: Is alotted 300 points to spend on an HQ, and troops/elites choices. All members of your force ignore the rules for unit coherency and will function as their own units for the purposes of movement, shooting and assault. In additon all minimum requirements on squad number is removed. The goal is too survive the scenarios presented below, with at least your HQ and 2 others alive. (after all you'll need more than one crazed and bloodied survivor to explain this mess)

The Tide Rules: Your objective is to consume and eradicate the survivors, you must build a force equal to 300 points from the minidex below.

Cannibal: 4 points per model 
Ws/3    W/1         Sv/6+          Upgrades: Unit may be given "Wthout Number" at +4 points per model
Bs/1      I/3                                                Unit may be given "Feel no Pain" at +4 Points per model
 S/3    A/1
T/ 3      Ld/10                          Special Rules: Infiltrate, Slow and Purposeful, Fearless

Bezerker: 6 points per model
Ws/3     W/1           Sv/6+       Upgrades: Unit may be given "Wthout Number" at +4 points per model
 Bs/1       I/3                              
S/3        A/1
T/3         Ld/10                          Special Rules: Move Through Cover, Furious Charge, Rage, Fearless

Stalkers: 6 points per model
Ws/3    W/1       Sv/6+           Upgrades: Unit may be given "Without Number" at +4 points per model
Bs/1       I/4                                             
S/3        A/1
T/3       Ld/10                           Special Rules: Acute Senses, Stealth, Infiltrate, Fearless

Ironhides: 10 points per model
Ws/3    W/2        Sv/5+             Upgrades: Unit may be given "Feel no Pain" at +2 points per model
Bs/1      I/2
S/3        A/1
T/4       Ld/10                              Special Rules: Slow and Purposeful, Fearless


Game 1: A Night of Horrors, The forward guard post has been overrun by the tide and you have to escape with you men before they murder you all. However the generator powering the gate was hit by a stray tank round, you must either destory the gate and run to freedom or active the secondary generator

Set-up: The Survivors set up in the centre of the board in a 10'' square, The Tide arrives on turn two from the table edge opposite the gate. Infiltrators arrive with the rest of the tide and are not deployed ahead of them in any case. the Gate is set-up 6''from a short table edge. The Secondary generator is 18'' away from the gate.

Opening the Gate: The gate is armor 12 any result of a pen will automatcially destory it, however if the survivors have no weapon to destroy the gate they can activate the secondary power generator by keeping a model near it for 1 turn, this model cannot shoot or assault. If he is assaulted and killed it is assumed that he is able to clutch the lever at the last minute and active the machine.

Objective: Survivors are attempting to reach the table edge on the other side of the gate. The Tide is trying to kill every last survivor. Game continues until outcome is reached.

Special Rules: Night Fighting

Game 2: Resupply, You've been sticking to the sewers, and underground transport tunnels to avoid highly populated areas, but you're men are low on ammo and food you have to get supplies and bring them back underground.

thetwo buildings to be the supply buildings, it takes one turn per building to get a supply marker, a model can only get one 1 marker per turn, a supply marker must be taken back to your deployment zone for it to count, you must aquire 10 supply markers to win the game. The survivors deploy in a 10'' square in the center of the board with the supply buildings within 12''. The Tide will deploy on all table edges in a 6'' band.

Game 3: Evacuation, You've finally gotten to the spaceport, the tide has the area overrun, this will not be easy....

The Survivors will deploy on the short table edge opposite the extraction flyer. The Tide will deploy with deep strike but will not mishap.

The Survivors player must get as many of his units onto the flyer as he possibly can, this is done just like the remarkation of a transport. The game will end if the survivors are completley destroyed or if the flyer takes off with at least the HQ and 2 others.


Please Note that if you choose to play the missions in a campiegn that the Survivors will not replenish casualties taken over the course of the games, However wounds are able to be replenished as the characters heal up in the space between games.

Please feel free to ask questions at your leisure.

*also, if i don't comment its because i can't not because i don't want too, my google account is messed up so i can't sign in to post comments on blogs.

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  1. That sounds like a really fun scenario, we should try and play that some time.


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