Friday, July 8, 2011

Stuff for the Stuff Throne !

First Up, is a rumored gun for the Ordo Botanius ( a new arm of the inquisiton supposedly in the new sisters dex).  Its rumored to be a chemical sprayer

flamer, Str. 1 (+3 poison)  Ap. 6
* poison only comes into effect on units with the "living world" special rule.

Talk of a "living world" special rule prob. means that this dex is coming in 6th ed. or at least after some newer dex.

Next i thought id talk about "wierd lists" or rather lists that i don't see played locally that i think would be really cool. For instance i see an abundance of DE but to me they all look to be built fairly similar, i'd love to see a Homonculi Coven army, utilizing Wracks and Grotesques, and the thing about that army is that its not even neccessarily bad, just different.  I'd love to see some =I= armies rather than GK pure armies, i think that the Inquisitor warbands are some of the coolest units avaliable in game and i don't understand why no one has built an army from them ?! 

Mostly i think it comes down to, i am tired of being the only "counts-as" army builder here.
I have Hrud, Dark Mech, building a Treemen army, Undead Miner-tau, and traitor gaurd.

Other than the traitors not a lot else i have seen different things of. I'd like to see a crazy abundance of stuff that makes me goes.  I LOVE THAT, what book are you using and whats its background.

So..... MINI CONTEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i shall set forth this challange simply b/c i am bored.

1.) start a random counts as army, of any points size (500 minimum)
2.) make quick background.
3.) send me pics b/c i like this sort of thing.
4.) Note how this isn't a contest !
5.) Play many games and be merry 

ok, im done rambling and ranting for right now. (more of my madness later)


  1. I will accept your challenge to make and play a counts as force of five hundred points and you shall rue the day you decided to mess with Explorator Fleet Omicron Six!

  2. You have no idea how excited i am to see am Ad Mech (yes?) army from you.


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