Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living World Update. and Possible Piratey fun

Well, the actual pointed up list for the Living World army was supposed to be here today, unfotuantly the guy i was going to trade for the book did not show up today. So instead i felt like talking about another army idea.

Piratey Orks, yar-har ! 
I had orks around a year ago now, but traded them for more gaurd and Plague Marines (looks at Chris in humble appreciation for my dark master). Anyway i've always sort of regretted it a little, and so i decided that my next project after the treemen will be Pirate Orks, lead by Kaptin Badrukk. Utilizing the Dark Eldar Raiders for our pirate vessels, and some appropriate heads from sources on the intra webs. 


the good Jim Barr gave me  some trees for me today which may come back to haunt him sometime in the near future as they are en route to Tyrant-dom, and possibly Termigaunt-dom. in addition.

So. I leave off this rather odd tangent of Ork Pirates with the following..

Pirate Metal Me HARDIES YO HO !!!!!!!!!!!

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