Friday, July 1, 2011

Living Treemen, and 15mm fun.

So last night i had an idea "I have all this extra sprue"  i thought....

but what to do with it!?

"Treemen !" i thought and quickly ran about my room gathering a sprue, some putty, basing supplies, cutters and a knife. Within a few minutes i had created, painted and based my first treeman !

I am thinking that since it cost me absolutely nothing that i'll make an army out of them. I will probably count this guy as a hormagaunt. Maybe get or make some large Ent type guys for the Tyrant, Trygon, Tervigon. Then go around and make thousands of sprue men (laughs evily !!!!)

As for 15mm, its my other sort of mini gaming love affair beside steampunk, and i have a couple of minis here and there from school projects and the like, so here is a sci-fi russian expeditionary force, assaulting soem unseen enemy on a forest world.


  1. Sounds like those two projects could go together...

  2. Just bought some bases from the store. Right now my list looks like this in my head.

    1.) Tyrant
    2.) Tervigon
    3.) 2/ 11 man gaunt squads
    4.) 2/ 3 man warrior squads.

    I can make the warriors and guants right now, the two MC's i am going to wait and see exactly what it is i am gonna do for the bigguns

  3. Bundle sprue together and bind it with wire, then go back and add some leaves and thorns to the wire with green stuff to make it look like vines holding it all together. That should make suitable looking models for the monsters.


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