Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tilean Knights/Color Schemes - Price hikes, and what that means

Hey all, im finally back, national certifications, art shows, and ap tests are all over with now, so its time to show you things i've done in my spare time.

First off is the Tilean Knights
I took the reigns where Chris left off, and sculpted up garments for all the knights. all but the one on the far right is mine.

Also, there is another "Regiment" of Cavalry that im going to do, though there is only 2 of these so far.
The one on the left is mine the right is Chris'

Then i very quickly and messily did up a trio of skeletons to see some possible paint schemes for the army.
I want to play around with the classic "white" skeleton,  or try a white on the armor, and have the bones dry or something i dunno.

Lastly, The GW price hikes, are coming (as if you didn't already know) and like always i know people who are quitting due to the merciless disregard for current economic trends. Which is always sad. I haven't looked at the projected increases myself yet, and i don't think i want to. Well anyway, whats you're take on the price increase, the minis, and all that rot?

-your favorite madman-


  1. The Skeles are looking good. About the price hike, buy second hand/Ebay if you can and only pay retail if you have to get something you really want.


  2. Some folks quit all the time; it happens. Price hikes happen every year, it's just not everything at once. It's the turn for land raiders, etc. this year. Sucks, but hard to avoid, though some of the hikes are a bit larger than expected.

  3. I like the green and yellow best, it reminds a bit of actual Italian heraldic colors, you might want to try adding some red to it as well as renaissance uniforms were very busy and sometimes tacky. When faced with the annual price hike I usually just scale back my buying habits to fit my budget, I was down to about three times a year so depending on what the prices look like and what I'm interested in my buying I will probably drop to once a year, most likely around the holidays.


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