Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some ideas for Future Units.

Well, needless to say i have an abundance of renegade troops in my collection and have no intention of letting any go for a while at least. But with several hundred infantry, and a couple tanks, not too mention 2 totally converted "counts-as" armies. Im at the point where i sit back and go... Now what?

Foruntatley, the evil genius in me has already decided that. The answer dear reader is over course....


Now i can tell your excited, and so am I.  

Right now i am deciding what dex to use, was thinking either Orks or Dark Angels, or make a unoffical one.

(and yes. That FW stuff DOES look cool. stop tempting me)


  1. If you're going the biker route, Orks could be an option. Dark Angels work, as would regular SM (take a biker captain and bike squads become Troops).

    Could also of course just use them as add-ons to other armies - would easily fit in w/IG or CSM.

  2. In Dark Angels, i like the ability to do lots of bikes that then Exo Suits (Deathwing) and then generic brotherhood warriors. PLUS. I like Dark Angels fluff lol.

    Well all my counts as stuff has a purpose in my main armies (IG, and CSM). Just in case people have a problem. with mixing dex's


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