Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plans for the Summer.

Well, its exam week here at my school, and within a few short days i'll be free, which is a mixed blessing believe me. Anyway. It does leave more time to focus on 40k, and Warmachine/Hordes.

Thus, i decided to create a list of the projects i am hoping to do this summer.

1.) Chaos Squats 750 points
2.) Add onto the Hrud Clan, possibly if Codex Eldar comes soon. Though I am considering changing the counts as to the DE. Anyway, want to increase from 750 to at least 1250.
3.) Plan in some mega battles and some campiegns (Im looking at you men of the Merkan 76th)
4.) Start scraping up some Menoth forces possibly 25-35 points. Want to get into that game system.

Setting the sights low for right now, as things come up and stuff happens. Might add something here or there, we'll see.

Tommorow, if i get the time as i didn't tonight, im going to post the gambit of Squats rules from the second ed. books. Including the Psyker cards, and the Thudd Gun temp.


  1. 1) Look forward to seeing those!

    3) Yep, we can work something out.

    4) They're doing WM at the Grinning Gamer on Fridays IIRC.

    Don't post up the whole of the old stuff; should still be copyrighted. But talking about them and how to convert them or something should be fine -

  2. Yea, i wasn't sure thx. And yes. i have most of the Dark Mech done up so time to paint up all the Hrud guys.


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