Friday, June 17, 2011

The Lazarus Gene (Army Idea)

Well, since the announcement of Warpath, i have postponed my squat army until the sci-fi dwarves come out. In the meantime i am re-visiting my Tau army, which has been sadly neglected.

Last night, after painting up a squad of CSM's, i was thinking about projects i could do and came up with a rather exciting idea.  The background for which you can find below.

 The Lazarus Gene Phase 1.
In the year 781 of the 40th millenium,servants belonging the Adeptus Mechanicus, found a tube of a mysterious viral contagen in the ruins of Yuris Hive whilst repairing the city after the Resipa Campiegn. They immediatley transported this virus to mars for study.

After several decades of careful study, the virus was discovered to be a nerve agent of extreme power. The exact results were unkown.

When the Inquisiton learned of the virus, they immediatley confiscated it "for the saftey of the Emperors Realms". It fell in the the hands of Maltius Fredrick a radical inquistior of questionable allegences.

The Lazarus Gene Phase 2.
Maltius decided to test the virus on a population of miners on Lazarus, a mining outpost on the eastern fringe. After exposing the population to the virus, their mental capacity was increased exponentially, within a century the miners had technology reminicent to that of the Tau Empire. However a few decades after this their bodies began to deteriorate but, in a cruel twist the virus also kept the miners alive through an excruciatingly painful decay process.

Now, the miners of Lazarus, are an army of highly tech oriented skeletons, bent on revenge.

I already have a tau army so it should be a simple matter of head swaps for skeleton heads. I am using the farsight list, so no auxiliaries, the battlesuits will all hopefully be "death themed" so lots of scythes and skulls. I am hoping to get across, a feeling of betrayed dead and not neccessarily evil dead.

Hope you find this interesting.


  1. Hmmm...I like some of the ideas (undead space miners, creepy tau, hi-tech impies) but I don't know if they all work together.

    Working off of tau figures, the fire warrior hands and feet would look the most off. If you can work around those, especially the feet (like have them concealed by stuff on the base or something) it would go a good ways towards making them believable as human/once human.

    I don't think you need to go particularly into the "high tech" aspect; undead miners whose stuff happens to look tau-ish could work. The suits would be pretty believable as EVA mining rigs, letting miners float around asteroids and the like. "Fusion guns" and "plasma rifles" would make for pretty good energy drills, and if you don't mind swapping some parts I think heavy bolters or stubbers and autocannons instead of burst cannons and missile pods would really help make them look more Imperial.

    Devilfish could be believable as shuttles moving people and gear around facilities and actual ships. Maybe attach servo-skulls to the drones.

  2. I like all of those ideas !!

    Last night i made my commander Farsight, which is just a tau suit with a scythe, and the plasma rifle. Converted over most of my fire warriors and started re-painting them but stopped half way b/c i started to feel bad. Wasn't sure about what to do for the drones, but i like that idea. and it would be simple to change up the devilfish guns since i have all those IG hvy weapons left over.


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