Monday, June 20, 2011


A vast selection of pics, since i didn't have the room on my desk to show you all 4000+ points of the Pilgrims. I only displayed a small selection of the human elements. In addition, the top is he new cardboard chimera for the yuriens, the 3 pics of tau-esque units are the new Lazarus victims, who are still mid conversion. In order of appearance, the IG infantry units are, 1.) Yurien Reconnitre Team.
2.) Cyrus Liberation Front troops. (after the pics of tanks and valks) 3.) Rallen 14th Infantry  4.) Cryrus Martyr Squad. 5.) Yurien Mounted Infantry.

I apologize for the confusing order and less than sufficent quality. The order i will fix next time around.


  1. Pretty cool. I know that some of the other locals are big into card/paper vehicles; they could probably point you to other templates and such if you want to expand.

  2. The Chimera is of my own design, and i'd rather have the actual vehicles, or at least convert them over from WW2 models or something. I don't like cheating out GW, which is why i don't intend to field those 2 valks in anything but a apoc. game becuase they have no GW bits on them. at least this and my rhino have something on them. Call me odd i guess lol.

  3. Don't worry about GW or not; it's not like we're playing at Warhammer World or something.

    GW themselves still scratch-build stuff, and it's had a long history:

  4. yea, i guess. still like the bulkyness of proper plastic though :D


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