Friday, July 20, 2012

15mm Work, and some 40k 6th ed thoughts

Hello, everyone, im back (again)

I haven't been doing really anything with 40k recently, but i have been working on 15mm

Below is a few pics of the Big blob of 15mm guys i've painted up, and a cathedral im making for "Sellas Harbor" the theatre of engagement between my stuff and the forces of Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water.

Also, i've played a couple games of 6th edition, and i've come to a few conclusions.

1.) Assault is extremely brutal now, due to the challanges, and the removing from the front (which i love)
2.) Vehicles blow up and are destroyed more realistically than before which is also a good thing.
3.) Tactical placement of guys is finally important !  

All of this together makes a really gratifying experience for more narrative gaming than before, which is obviously something i approve of.


  1. I still haven't played a round of sixth yet.

    1. I like it and it is a vast improvement on the game, but i'd still rather play almost any other game lol. Due, mostly to the community that plays it, far to much opinion of what should and should not happen, to much mathammer, which i can frankly do without.

  2. I am going to get in my first 6th ed games today at he GW opening in winston. I like what I have read about the changes but still need to get some games in before I make a judgement.

    Do some of those 15mm guys have a certain germanic look to them?


    1. cool!

      and yeah, the big blob of guys on the right are ww2 Hungarians.


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