Monday, June 25, 2012

Counts-As fantasy progress & 40k decision.

Here is a "Fire Gamin" i've painted/converted for the Werydfolk Dominion army. I've made another 3 of these, those three being the Command of the Regiment, which i'll paint up here in a bit, after i finish my 15mm stuff up.

Also, i've decided to stick with 40k, for a bit more, maybe size down alot of my stuff, but keep the IG and CSM guys, since i've had them so long i'd hate to sell them.

Played a FUBAR tournament at Owen's house with Chris and Chris, from Sippin' on Paint Water & Fabricators Workbench, as well as (of course)  Owen and his father, and also JD.  It was great fun, but no pics though.

Just a tiny update for now everyone!

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. That is certainly an interesting guy!

    Glad that you're sticking with 40K, look forward to seeing and facing your LatD/Pilgrims!


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