Friday, June 22, 2012

6th Edition.

From what i understand 6th Ed 40k goes live tommorow.
At the moment i'm not entirely certain as to how much i want to continue to play 40k, my decision as to continue with it will hinge a lot around how much the fluff has changed, and weather the rules go back to the quirky fun stuff that got me into 40k.  I love this game and i've always supported GW as a company but its getting very hard now to continue.

in more happy news i've resurrected the "Living World" , it is for WFB now however, and has been renamed "The Weirydfolk Dominion" more on that to come soon.

I want to put lots of Fantasy Creatures you don't see in the other races in here, with maybe some "dogs of war" added in from the Army Book factions to provide some bulk and bring it into the game more.

I will hopefully post more aswell, as i've quite busy lately with Summer Projects for school, and other life related things.

-Your favorite Madman-

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