Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FUBAR! and a little update on the "Story Campaign"

hello all.  I recently recalled at rules set called "FUBAR" (the pic above has no relation) which is a 1 page modern/sci-fi  style game that is totally free, and is left pretty generic and open for people to mess about with it.  I plan on doing a little test game on it tonight.

On a similar note, i have a vast amount of friends who are giving me their old "Heroscape" minis, which works out great for me, as they are a wide range of minis from Fantasy-Scifi, and a massive scope of historicals, i think with a bit of paint and green stuff, i can turn them into something really cool. At the moment im thinking a RAGE style post-apoc. humans and mutants sort of thing, and use them for FUBAR if i enjoy how it plays.

Lastly, I've gotten in a game of 40k (FINALLY !) after a lengthy gap of playing, due to a numerous variety of reasons. In any case, JD and myself took a break from our normal Steampunk Sunday, to watch youtube movies and play a scenario for the story. Which i shall post tommorow,

just a quick little update

Also post 100 !!!!!!!!

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. This guy stole your way of making trees.

  2. Also will you be able to attend HT Saturday? I'll be bringing RSBM and the arena.

    Its alright its a pretty easy thing to come up with lol

    I Think i actually can this time!
    You gonna have time for another game? Nuke Ren? 40k?

    As a side note, i really love FUBAR, and so im going to convert up a giant horde of Cultists of Contamination, out of the heroscape guys i used and add them to the ones i already made from the brets. But more on that later...

  4. I'll probably have time for some other games, a round of RSBM takes about 30 minutes. I looked at the rules for FUBAR and I do really like it all being on one page. I could bring my Nuke Ren guys and we could play a round of FUBAR with them.


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