Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Story" Battle Report. - The Siege of Castel 2

The Marines reached Castel 2 a few hours before the traitors began their attack. They worked with local milita to make the shattered complex as defensible as possible.

Force Composition.

Captain Thorgan
8 Assault Marines
5 Scouts
6 Militia
7 Tactical Marines

Company Command
Platoon Command
- Col Merda (Chenkov)
20 man Infantry Squad w/ Commisar  x2
40 Conscripts
Mortar Teams
Heavy Bolter team
Autocannon team
Scout Sentinel w/ Autocannon


 The Traitor Infantry Surge forward, the guns of the Castel defenders open up, but they barely scratch the overwhelming numbers that the Pilgrims have brought to bear.

 Pilgrims hammer the loyalists with long range fire. The survivors mount a desperate counter-assault

The area before the Castel turns into a churning melee

The Militia finally emerge from hiding with their families, to survey the carnage and approaching doom. The last tactical Marine leaps over the barricade to fire a missile point blank into the sentinel but is put down by massed heavy weapons fire.

The militia surrender to the Pilgrims and join the closest infantry squad.    Captain Thorgan is overwhelmed by dozens of Traitors. The Castel has fallen.

 The only survivors are the assault marines, who fought their way to the Shattered bodies of Adrankus and Thorgan, before retreating into the forests.  The militia and their families were later found massacred in a ravine, weather this was by Pilgirms, or by Imperial Partisans cannot be ascertained.

To be Continued...

-Your favorite Madman-

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOO! Those traitorous dogs will pay for desecrating the galaxy with their existence.


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