Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oh Guusepria...!

If you follow Chris' blog,  "Sippin on Paint Water"  then you will no doubt have heard already about his modern 15mm setting, in the fake ex-soviet satellite state named "Guusepria" which borders Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Russia.  To make a national history short, the old beloved dictator has passed away, and his son, being a bit more crazy, has taken power. He is less than an ideal leader, and due to a series of events, a civil war has broken out, between  the  "Federals"  under the totalitarian government of the Guuseprian dictator, and the "Fundamentalists" who are being called "Rebels" for short, who are a disgruntled branch of the Guuseprian government, allied with various milita groups.

I've decided to start a regiment of Federal's, which you might remember from a bit ago, but anyway, here is a new pic.

I present to you, the 37th Motorized Rifles.


All told there are 2x  Unimog transports   and 16 riflemen.

I've recently gotten some support teams, from Chris'  and a few troopers who will probably be "village defense forces". Which will be after the CMI repaint/conversion project and the Fantasy Regimentals project.

anyway, thats all for now.

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. I do really like the look of your Federal troops, they're distinctly different from mine but not out of place when they are next to one another. I might let finish up painting my rebels if you would like to. They're almost done they just need the detailing and bases finished up. Good synopsis of Guusepria by the way.

    1. would be fun, what do you use for your SUPER tiny details ? a mega small brush? or do you have some tips that might help there.

      and thanks !

    2. Just a detail brush 10/0 usually, adding water to your paint can help with tiny bits as well. It's hard to get just right, too much water and paint goes everywhere, too little water and the paint just gums up.

  2. very nice!

    They would fit in as militia in my future war world!

    1. Hmm yes. multi use minis haha. then use your awesome neo-soviet gasmask guys as the regulars or more well equipped resistance or something.


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