Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Destruction of Vernada

 For the past six weeks, Conclave troops  have been battling on Vernada against the Volocheck Respublik.  They have been beaten to a pulp, with troops scattered all across the city, the last few commanders and vehicles made their way to a rally point.    But this would be no ordinary last stand...  the sun of the Vernada system was about to go super nova, in exactly 5 minutes.

The Rally Point?  The only star port on the planet.    The Conclave troops would die, but they would drag every last Volocheck on the planet to hell with them!

In the last minutes on Vernada, before the shockwave of the star ripped the planet asunder. the eerie half twilight was light by the muzzle flashes and blasts of tank shells.

The Last image of the Vernada star port

In all actuality the stores power was knocked out by a storm, which made us end the game early. so we made up this ending mutally. Hope you enjoyed the mini story !


  1. Looks cool! Do you guys get out there to HT most Saturdays? May have to drop by to scope out some 15mm action!

    1. most of the time, should be up there this coming saturday as well. I always bring my 40k stuff also. I've got more than enough we can get you in a game too if you want.

  2. Hahaha, Conclave and Volchek fools! You fell right into the carefully laid plans of the PGCC. We'd been destabilizing that star for weeks.

    1. 0_0 NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Our vengence shall be absolute you corporate dog !


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