Monday, April 21, 2014

1st Vineleaf Phalanx

Im organizing assets for the next Westarc story update, but in the meantime thought that i'd share with you a little bit of a side project that came from left field the other day. These little guys are the very lovely work of "Splintered Light" under their 20mm Woodland Warriors section,  they are very good sculpts, and have a lot of character to them.   These belong to Chris, but I really enjoyed painting them so much i'll probably be getting some of my own very soon.

I have a world in mind for the setting,  and I intend to use Hail Caesar for possibly gaming these guys. The frogs here are going to be part of a larger Otter-Frog army that will be doing battle against Rats and other critters.  I think my only complaint is that the skin is too dark and muddy, my original intent there was to get a real feeling flesh tone, but i think a cartoony bright green would bring them out a lot more. 


Thanks for Reading !  
Westarc part 3 coming as soon as possible.


  1. Your amphibilanx will find itself surrounded and darted by my rat skirmishers. They are very good looking though.

    1. Your darts will be of little effect to the thick shields and hides of the Vineleafers! Also thanks!


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