Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Story of Westarc (Part 3)

Work and excitement carried Westarc through the first week on planet 68, with a record zero fatalities by suicide. The entire vessel was abuzz with talk of settling, and the manufacturing plant aboard ship was being readied for the construction of suitable human dwelling. Planetside, Explorateur teams scouring the city, venturing farther and farther for clues about the past civilization them found themselves among.  Hope was in the air, but it was but a momentary perfume in the ever hanging cloud of doubts.

[Planetfall +6]
In the shadowy nighttime hours,  PFC LaCroix of the étoiles Explorateur reported a " Curious localized spike in radiation, which disabled his instruments and drained the battery life from his Pulsar Rig."   An immediate science team investigation yielded no source or cause for the anomaly.

[Planetfall +7]
Later in the day, just before dusk call-in,  étoiles Explorateur Wayteam 2  also records the anomaly. This time, as before all team members lost complete Pulsar Rig battery backups, and instrument functionality.  Upon their arrival to the LZ,  Wayteam 2  adamantly reported movement in the ruins, prior to the spike.    all Day 8 patrols cancelled.

[Planetfall +10]
Patrols resume, after several days with no spike reported. When Mid-day an enormous spike interrupted comms between the LZ and Westarc Terraform Command for thirty minutes, prompting the removal of non vital personnel from the planet.  All patrols are again cancelled until, the Science Team could learn the source of the anomalies.

[Planetfall +11]
At 10:30 (Earth Measured Time) in the evening, communications between the LZ and West Arc, again failed. This time however,  they never returned.
After two hours had passed, rescue units were sent to check on the LZ.

[ Planetfall +12]
The following are images recorded from the ground in the early morning hours of the Twelfth Day.

 One thing was clear in those confusing times. LZ  humanité.  and all its inhabitants had been lost...
But to whom. Or to what?     That was still very much to be determined

To Be Continued...


  1. Very cool and very sci-fi horror. I want to know more. Also I have a platoon of EF troops from Rebel that may need to join in the Westarc universe.

  2. We need to play this some, and just to annoy you you've won a Liebster.


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