Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Siege of Lychke. Pre Campaign.

A mini campaign myself and JD, played in the Angelshearth Front of our 15mm Gen Sci Fi setting, towards the beginning of August.

Belligerants:  Low Western Entertainment Corporation's "SecMass" Group.  vs. Conclave Military Initiative

“Sir, picking up a blip on the lower left bow. Coming round Orbital pre point V-102.”

“Probably the damn commie Volocheks again. Cycle the laser reflective mirrors, and arm the railguns, get Gomez up here, we need everyone on deck.”

“Sir, the ship doesn’t match the Volo’s.  Computer bounceback is absurdly sophisticated,  i think its corporate…”

“Oh fuck… Get this goddamn bridge sealed, full alert, summon the rest of the fleet to our location. I want full reverse thrust towards pre poin….

“ Sir, computer is reading power draws on their ship.”

“Bring up my mirrors!  NOW!

A searing bolt of light ripped into the bridge of the CNI Ardent Stallion at 0600 Hours, as it was on monitor duty above one of the provincial capitals of Angelshearth,  called Lychke [Lie-Ch-K].  The Attacking force, has been identified as a vessel belonging to the LWEC corporations’ military arm, SecMass. The CNI Ardent Stallion, withdrew under 25% power, to a fleet staging area. The Reserve ships, the CNI Winged Pride ,  CNI Brutal Jackboot, and CNI-APF Celestial Fear, move at full power, to the SecMass vessels last known location.  

The Battle for Quadrant Crown.

The Reserve ships found the vessel in low orbit in a spatial quadrant of atmosphere called the “crown” as it sat in a sweet spot in Lychke’s Orbital Defense Guns, the ensuing battle was enough to dissuade the SecMass ship from continuing to launch landing craft.  but it left the CNI Brutal Jackboot critically damaged,  The SecMass ship, now, popularly being called the Gray Reaper, by the superstitious Naval Initiative men.  Distanced itself from the planet, and flotilla’s of Conclave Naval Initiative and Provisional Fleet ships formed a skirmish line to ensure that they stayed there.   

The Ground Threat to Lychke

SecMass units had landed, not in the quantity they might have liked, but certainly enough to wrestle control of the capitals defensive lasers and railguns for long enough to allow for more of their forces to land.  The SecMass units are moving quickly and rapidly to the cities outskirts, with the intent of overwhealming the CMI [Conclave Militant Initiative] and APA [Angelshearth Provisional Army] units holding the city.   

The Cities defenders,  the 5th CMI Mechanized Brigade, 10th CMI Guard Scouts Brigade,  and 3rd Provisional Infantry Regiment, make up the modest “Army Lychke”  which has fallen under the command of Magos Ruiz Polochenkov, from the 2nd Army Group’s general staff.  He is a tough dependable front commander with a history of actions during the war for Sellas.

In the morning the Conclave troops, and APA would begin a fight against indoctrinated and tough corporate soldiers, all across the sector, the mettle of raw conscripted troops and their officers would be seen.  Would they be found wanting?


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