Sunday, May 10, 2015

Total War Map Campaign pt.2

Game:  Rome: Total War
Mod:  Warhammer Total War
Map Maker :  Hexagrapher (Free)
Rules for Campaign:  Here
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With the Nyssoak Confederation growing in strength and wealth by the hour, the Noblemen and Coastal Kings of the barren Jarra region, with the assistance of the dispossessed shamanic congress of the Lurtuk swear an oath of mutual military assistance, forming the Jarra Tribes as a nation state. 

The Winds of the North again grow in Power, icy winds blow across the bleak forests and uncomfortable shadows contort at the horizons edge.

The Khuvtan fortify their borders,  the Nyssoak take cautious positions in their newly captured territory. 

In the South, the Saladin march on the Hill Tribes (minor faction), and with their 2nd and 3rd Armies join the tribes in pitched battle. 

The Armies of the Saladin arrayed for battle

The missile cavalry of the Saladin armies, skirmish with the onrushing tribesmen. Saladin regiments reveal themselves from ambush and rain arrows onto the enemy

Halberd wielding infantry hit the tribesmen 

The Hill Tribe begins to break, Saladin Infantry assault remaining tribal regiments

The Hill Tribe falters and begins to rout, Saladin cavalry chase down the enemy

Saladin Archer view of the battlefield.

In the North, the Jarra Tribes, send their 2nd Army, North to put down another indigenous population, this time a population of brutal volcano worshippers called the Acktrag. 

The Jarra, deploy in a fish hook on the top of a ridge to make the best of their ranged weapons 

The Acktrag advance,  with flanking ranged cavalry hitting the Jarra on the left. and the main body avoiding the bottom of the ridge as best as possible.

a view from the bottom of the ridge up towards the Jarra

The Acktrag assault on the Jarra left is beaten back, though it is a close run thing

Jarra Spearmen charge down the ridge to catch the regrouping Acktrag before they can reconstitute a threat

The way up to the Jarra left is littered with corpses

Through an unfortunate turn of events for the regrouping Acktrag in the valley below, cavalry and light infantry regiments chasing routing Acktrag missile cav, have surrounded them, The remaining Acktrag would be charged from three sides, only 3 tribesmen would make it from the battlefield alive

a view in the valley after the battles end

More to come!

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