Sunday, May 3, 2015

Video Game Map Campaign. (Rules and Opening)

Myself and JD, both having downloaded and played the Warhammer Total War mod for the venerable Rome Total War (yes the first one) and enjoyed it thoroughly. However recently we were of the mind to utilize a mod to develop our own nations and map using a roleplaying game map maker called "Hexagrapher" which can be downloaded Here.

The Overall Rules for our campaign and the overall pricing of armies and how we go about the moving of NPC factions is facilitated in a .pdf file (living document) that can be downloaded via google drive Here

The Starting Map.

The Khuvtan Templocracy. is a religious oligarchy which lives in the snow bound landscape of the north, just at the border of the weird and twisted lands which harbor a mysterious force called 'the winds of the north', played by myself

The Republic of the Lurtuk Expanse, is a conglomerate of tribal bands living in a coniferous enchanted jungle, they are lead by a Congress of Arch Shaman, they are NPC's

The Nyssoak Confederation is a alliance of Elven Merchant Guilds living in the fertile ground between two mighty seas. they are NPC's

The Saladin are city-state, seeking to expand its influence and status to dizzying heights. Their city has a direct democracy, but the people that live in the outlying spaces under their control are little more than serfs. they are NPC's

The Duhsurg Merchantdom, focuses on economic domination and establishing a stranglehold on foreign trade through use of small private merchanthouse armies to monopolize the fisheries off their coast and in the nearby rivers. Played by JD.

Turn 1, saw some small movements in army positioning and the Nyssoak declare war on the Lurtuk Confederation. 

The 3rd Splinter Host of the Nyssoak engage the Barechest Warriors of the Lurtuk Republic. and rout the army in a Heroic Victory. 

3rd Splinter Host Spearmen Brace for the Lurtuk charge.

Turn 2, saw the Winds of the North gain a small modicum of power. The Khuvtan marshall their armies in preparation.  The Lurtuk mobilize its Republican Army,  as the Nyssoak Grane Host marches on the fields south of the capitol.   A mighty battle erupts which served to bring down the Republic.
The Nyssoak Grane Host suffers some casualties but many tribesmen and magical creations lie broken upon the field.  The next day the Lurtuk Shaman Congress concedes to the Elves.  The Lurtuk Beastrider's Army scatters into the Expanse to cause trouble for the occupying elves for years to come.

The surviving members of the Elven host mop up tribesmen in the woods. 

The tribesmen came in brazen waves to wash upon the Elves, but outflanking Nyssoak missile cavalry and hardworking archers kept the Lurtuk at bay, and inflicted a grim toll on their number

As the glittering Elven warriors marched through the open gates of the Lurtuk Capital triumphant in their step, the question now upon the minds of everyone.  Were the elves destined to be rulers of all, or had their brutal offensive captured to much territory too quickly?

Thanks for reading !

Let me know if you'd like to see more in-depth battle reports or more content of this style in the future

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