Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jornath: Ctre Valley Defense [BatRep]

Col. Reynolds, 2nd Jornathi Advisory Battalion Report of Actions.
Alpharius Cohort, under the command of Jarl Mondix positioned in the Ctre Valley Firebase, to defend the vital railway junction in Guffmans Platz. Came under sustained assault by Blood Axes, of mixed composition. This marks an escalation in Ork aggression in this portion of the Foothills

The Cohort suffered minor casualties, most notably the loss of its' Chimera Armored Transport to a marauding Ork Dreadnaught. The Jarl himself, was critically injured at the height of the fighting, when the Orks overran his hilltop command position, his status is currently unknown as he was evactuated to a triage station, along with the bulk of the companies losses somewhere to the south of the firebase. Though reports from all present suggest that Mondix may have been responsible for turning disaster into what Tactica command is terming a strategic draw. 

While the Blood Axes were rebuked it was but by a hair's breadth, The Ctre still belongs to the Imperium, but I am stressing that local Jornathi PDF bolster their forces.
I will investigate this Mondix, this region needs heros..
+++Transmission End+++

500pts Ork v. Imperial Guards. 
Tactical Draw
Battle is influential for the size and audacity of the attack, pressuring Imperial Planetary Command, to commit to a direction for their first major offensive of the war "Operation Remits Maw"


  1. "Operation Remits Maw" ?!?! It already sounds like it's going to be a disaster....

    1. HAHAHAH, it definately was! though we didn't know it yet!


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