Monday, January 2, 2017

Jornath: The Raid on Valeri Pesh.

Col. Reynolds 2nd Jornathi Advisory Battalion. Report of Actions.
Operation Remits Maw, is a total failure, many units are now under strength, totally wiped out, or still stranded and cut off in the Ctre Valley. While in many locations the Blood Axes have withdrawn into the mountain caves, and mine shafts, leaving bloody ragged columns to withdraw back to Fort Bheras [Munitorum Designation H-906]. The various Deffskullz that were drawn into the fighting from the Valeri Pesch Refinery Complex, have had no such convictions about ambushing and feints, In order to allow the some 5,000 Imperial Guardsmen still locked in fighting on the right flank of Remits Maw's advance column, to withdraw south, A tactical squad and two terminators of the Dreadmare Companions Chapter were deployed into the heart of the Ork held Refinery to obliterate the Deffskullz command structure.
They were very successful, suffering only 2 casualties, both of whom are now stable, while the Ork dead are in their hundreds.
*MISSION: Special Forces Raid #1 Assassination- Operation Remits Maw Missions.
*Outcome: Significant Imperial Victory, Ork Command Structure damaged. No ground taken. Team extracted via Storm Raven after HVT elimination, due to swarming Xenos activity at Operations site.

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  1. Excellent results. Just the sort of things Adeptus Astartes should be doing.


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